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iPBXInternet Private Branch Exchange
IPBXIP Private Branch Exchange
IPBXInternational Private Branch Exchange (ITU-T)
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In parallel, M2Msoft is developing a plug-in, known as a firewall, which detects attacks and can thus facilitate the deployment of a protective system to protect IPBX availability.
Bajo este concepto, la inversion mensual es menor a la de un equipo, por ejemplo IPBX, que en promedio cuesta 100 mil dolares, inversion que no se puede hacer de un dia para otro".
The comfort of knowing ShoreTel - with all its resources and expertise - can proactively monitor our ShoreTel IPBX investment 24/7 is re-assuring.
QuamTel's technologies include a comprehensive portfolio of advanced communications technologies including, mobile international calling, SIP Trunks, advanced IPBX solutions, data solutions, M2M solutions developer and mobile broadband data.
Contract notice: Provision of Software upgrade, IPBX network maintenance, equipment, related software, fixed and mobile telephones, equipment and service network lan and hearts samu 78