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IPCAÍndice Nacional de Preços ao Consumidor Amplo (Brazil)
IPCAInternet Parallel Computing Archive
IPCAInstituto Politecnico do Cavado E do Ave (Portugal)
IPCAInternet & Personal Computing Abstracts
IPCAInternational Prison Chaplains' Association
IPCAIndian Printed Circuit Association (Bangalore, India)
IPCAInternational Parental Child Abduction
IPCAIndian Pharmaceutical Congress Association (Calcutta, India)
IPCAIndo-Pacific Conservation Alliance
IPCAIstituto per la Promozione della Cultura Alimentare (Milan, Italy)
IPCAInternational Prepaid Communications Association
IPCAIndian Pest Control Association (New Delhi, India)
IPCAInternational Physically Disabled Chess Association (Czech Republic)
IPCAIdaho Primary Care Association
IPCAIndiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association
IPCAIndices de Precios de Consumo Armonizados
IPCAIllinois Pest Control Association
IPCAInternational Presidential Consulting Agency (Syphon Filter; video game)
IPCAIntegrative Pain Center of Arizona (healthcare center)
IPCAInternational Polymer Currency Association (Australia)
IPCAInternational Pacific College, Australia
IPCAInternational Parchment Craft Academy
IPCAInternational Pediatric Chairs Association
IPCAInternational Pet Chinchilla Association (Hong Kong)
IPCAInventory of Potential Communicative Acts (Australia)
IPCAIndustries de la Parfumerie, de la Cosmétique et des Arômes Alimentaires (France)
IPCAIndustrial Process Control Assessment
IPCAIndiana Pest Control Association, Inc.
IPCAInstant Photo Corporation of America
IPCAInternal Physical Configuration Audit
IPCAIndustria Piemontese dei Coloranti all'Anilina (Turin, Italy)
IPCAInter-Process Communication Area (area of RAM in DOS)
IPCAIntercontinental Private Clubs Affiliates Ltd. (Greece)
IPCAInternational Petroleum Cooperative Alliance Commission (UN)
IPCAIsolated Children's Parents' Association (Australia)
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In the case of the INS, the maturity with the greatest weight in the total VaR is that of the IPCA rate, while for the pension fund it is the maturities linked to the IGP-M.
New Delhi, xx July 2015: The 8th IPCA is going to be bigger, better and more beneficial and act as a platform bridging the gap to provide an opportunity to interact with the manufactures, traders along with the top shots of the electronics industry.
The estimates of yield response environmental index and first two IPCA scores in respect of four environments presented in (Table 3) revealed highest yield response of E-3 (4.
Labour MP Grant Robinson said the IPCA findings will not do anything to restore the public's trust in the spying agency.
The IPCA is lobbying for paint products to be included in a lower 4% tax band reserved for essential commodities and industrial inputs.
The results of the AMMI model analysis were interpreted on the basis of two AMMI biplots--a biplot that showed the main and first interaction principal components analysis (IPCA 1) axis effects of both G and E and a biplot that showed the nominal yield (expected yield from the AMMI model equation without environmental deviations) of genotypes across IPCA 1 scores (Gauch and Zobel, 1997).
Toward the end of December 2004, AFX Financial, the financial news agency of Agence France-Presse (AFP), reported that Brazil's IPCA (Consumer Price Index Amplified) inflation would be 7.
IPCA (formerly Microcomputer Abstracts) contains content that extends back to the 1980s and provides abstracts and indexing for literature related to personal computing products and developments in business, the Internet, the home, and all other applied areas.
IPCA provides access to concise and comprehensive information on the latest personal computing products and developments in business, education, libraries, the Internet, information science and technology, and the home.
The IPCA is an interview schedule designed to be completed by parents, teachers, and therapists of children with developmental and physical disabilities and severe communication impairment.
The IPCA organises the IPC every year at various places throughout the country in which professional and academic representatives get together to discuss matters relating to pharmacy with an aim to project the image of a pharmacist as a health care professional and to create the awareness about the pharmacy and pharmacy profession amongst the public.