IPCBIndigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism
IPCBIllinois Pollution Control Board (environmental regulations; est. 1970)
IPCBInternational Press Centre Biodiversity Research (EU)
IPCBInternational Press Cutting Bureau (est. 1920; UK)
IPCBInterface Printed Circuit Board
IPCBInternational Police Coordination Board
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Roxana Landfill and Fairmont City responded by petitioning the IPCB to review Caseyville's siting decision.
18, 2014, the IPCB affirmed Caseyville's approval, concluding that the petitioners failed to establish that Caseyville lacked jurisdiction, they failed to establish that the procedures were unfair and failed to establish that Caseyville's determination on any of the challenged criteria was against the manifest weight of the evidence.
In June 1996, following the expiration of the original variance, the city, which was still in violation of the radium standard, petitioned IPCB for a five-year extension (IPCB, 1996b).
This fact provided a persuasive argument that influenced the actions of IPCB, IEPA, and U.
IPCB and IEPA may now have to think about how they will settle similar problems in other communities in the state.
There was suggestive evidence of later pubertal onset (TV) with increasing PCDF or co-PCB concentrations but not with PCDF TEQs, co-PCB TEQs, or IPCB levels (Table 3; Figure 1).
Gobert, who has close ties to the IPCB, is emphatic in her view that genomics does nothing to improve the health of people afflicted with diabetes and other diseases common to indigenous populations.
Meanwhile, the IPCB is steadily promoting a message throughout Indian Country that genomics "has little regard for the life-forms it manipulates" and "contrasts sharply with an indigenous worldview," according to Indigenous Peoples, Genes and Genetics: What Indigenous Peoples Should Know About Biocolonialism, a pamphlet posted on the group's Web site.
Logistic regression [OR (95% CI)] of IPCBs, PCB subsets, DDE, and diabetes in the total group and with stratification by sex: Anniston Community Health Survey.