IPCBIndigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism
IPCBIllinois Pollution Control Board (environmental regulations; est. 1970)
IPCBInternational Press Centre Biodiversity Research (EU)
IPCBInternational Press Cutting Bureau (est. 1920; UK)
IPCBInterface Printed Circuit Board
IPCBInternational Police Coordination Board
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Doug Whitley, president and CEO of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, believes that the IPCB should approve the request because little has changed since AER's request was granted last year.
Although IPH seeks the same extension as the IPCB granted AER last year, it has agreed to further reduce emissions beyond current requirements, fulfilling its commitment to protect the environment.
The IPCB is expected to make a decision on the variance request before Thanksgiving.
In June 1996, following the expiration of the original variance, the city, which was still in violation of the radium standard, petitioned IPCB for a five-year extension (IPCB, 1996b).
This fact provided a persuasive argument that influenced the actions of IPCB, IEPA, and U.
Meanwhile, the IPCB is steadily promoting a message throughout Indian Country that genomics "has little regard for the life-forms it manipulates" and "contrasts sharply with an indigenous worldview," according to Indigenous Peoples, Genes and Genetics: What Indigenous Peoples Should Know About Biocolonialism, a pamphlet posted on the group's Web site.
Poodry says the views of the Salish and Kootenai and the IPCB are at one end of a broad spectrum of perspectives on genomics among American Indians.
Logistic regression [OR (95% CI)] of IPCBs, PCB subsets, DDE, and diabetes in the total group and with stratification by sex: Anniston Community Health Survey.