IPCCAIntelligent Polymerized Crystalline Colloidal Array (chemistry)
IPCCAIndigenous Peoples and Climate Change (UN)
IPCCAIndustrial Power Consumers and Cogenerators Association (Alberta, Canada)
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These communities actively deploy aspects of their traditional livelihoods and culture in response to the considerable changes in the climate that they are already experiencing, such as erratic weather, late and unpredictable rains, temperature changes, and with concomitant increases in pests and diseases and alterations in crop yields (among others see IPCCA 2013).
This, and many other adaptations like it (see IPCCA 2013), explains why changes in farming practices are rated as the lowest, and crops remain the most traditional (in regards to number of varieties and practices/methods), while at the same time, the extent of adaptation in farming practices is rated as the highest.
The following is not an exhaustive list of adaptive strategies in the Park (see IPCCA 2013).