IPCDIntermittent Pneumatic Compression Device
IPCDInterstitial Pneumonia with Collagen Disease
IPCDImplantable Pain Control Devices
IPCDInitial Platform Certification Document (US Navy software certification process)
IPCDInsulation-Piercing Connection Device (electronics)
IPCDIntegrated Protection and Control Device
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It may also be worth considering in future competitions how to leverage new domains in both IPCD and IPCL so that the results are based on the same problems and can be more directly comparable.
23) Portable battery-powered IPCDs are recommended for 18 hours postop.
One used a standard calf-length IPCD device (SCD group), while the second group used a miniaturized sequential device (continuous enhanced-circulation therapy [CECT]).
The nurse should ensure that the IPCD does not hinder ambulation, and that the device is only removed briefly for personal hygiene measures or physical assessment.
All surgical patients who had IPCDs ordered were included in the study.
Maxwell, Synan, Hayes, and Clarke-Pearson (2002) compared LMWH and IPCDs in terms of patient preference and compliance in a prospective randomized trial, to determine if either method was superior.
Morris and Woodcock (2004) summarized the currently published scientific evidence for the venous flow effects of mechanical devices, particularly IPCDs, and the relation to prevention of DVT.
Surgical staff assured that those patients received an anticoagulant or IPCDs.
When IPCDs are recommended, they should be applied as soon as possible for optimal benefit.
Intraoperatively, the circulating nurse should confirm periodically that IPCDs are in place and functioning, and that the pneumatic unit is connected to a power source for the duration of the procedure to preserve battery life.