IPCEInterprocess Communication Environment
IPCEIncident Photon to Current Efficiency (solar cells)
IPCEInternational Pedophile and Child Emancipation
IPCEIndependent Parametric Cost Estimate
IPCEInterprofessional Cancer Education
IPCEInter-Professional Clinical Education
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The 2nd IPCE Conference and the 43rd SICC National Congress will have a rich social program that will include a gala dinner, cultural event and sailing tours.
cm-2 (Io) and the efficiency of the sensitizer valued the DSSC performance where commercial P_N719 sensitizer used showed similar trend as PKC_AC shown in Figure 7 and comparison of IPCE performance between cells was analyzed.
53) La restauracion del relicario en el IPCE, entre otros pormenores tecnicos, como la valiosa barra de plata que sirve para fijar la caja al resto de la obra (la riqueza de dicha barra sorprende, sobre todo teniendo en cuenta que no es visible a no ser que se desmonte el relicario), ha concretado el numero de marcas y su ubicacion en la obra, vid.
Shailendra Saraf, Chairman of the Local Organising Committee of the IPCE 2017, India has emerged as a key supplier of generic and affordable medicines for the world market, but it's overwhelming dependence on China for API to the extent of over 65 per cent of the requirement, is a major worry.
The increased IPCE in the visible range (450-550nm) is attributed to efficient charge collection and extraction by the electrode.
control software must be able to perform both electrochemical and photoelectrochemical measurement technique in particular IPCE (incident photon-to-electron conversion efficiency).
22) Archivo Central del IPCE, Servicio de Defensa del Patrimonio Artistico Nacional [en adelante SDPAN], sig.
Digitization, description and design of 70,000 photographic documents belonging to Wunderlich and Pando files, the Photo Library IPCE.