IPCIIslamic Propagation Centre International (Canada)
IPCIInternational Pernambuco Conservation Initiative (Brazilian tree conservation)
IPCIInternational Palliative Care Initiative (est. 1999)
IPCIInternational Polished Concrete Institute (Norris, TN)
IPCIIn Perpetuum Cum Infamia (Latin: Life Long Dismission with Shame)
IPCIInitial Product Configuration Identification
IPCIIndirect Practice Cost Index (US DHHS)
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As is clear from the judge IPCI probability distributions (Figure 7), the predicted IPCI for judges was not different, statistically or practically, from zero in either Littering or Disclosure.
The predicted average public IPCI exceeds the predicted judge IPCI by 27% ([+ or -] 14%).
Calculating the relative likelihood of the observed results under competing hypotheses, we can construct a likelihood ratio that conveys how much more consistent the evidence is with one hypothesized subject type IPCI than with another.
To make the rival hypothesis commensurable with the study results, we can represent each as a probability distribution with the predicted IPCI as its mean and a standard error equivalent to the one observed in the experimental results.
The evidence was twenty times more consistent with the "judge IPCI = 0" hypothesis than the "judge IPCI = 10%" hypothesis.
The average lawyer IPCI was neither practically nor meaningfully different from zero (2%, [+ or -] 14%).
In both problems, the predicted student IPCI was greater than zero, and on average it was 12% ([+ or -] 14%).
5 times--more consistent with the hypothesis that the "true" student IPCI is "as large as" the public IPCI that with the "student IPCI = 0" hypothesis.
As far as print culture among African Muslims is concerned, a lot of materials are coming in from the outside and are the productions of national or international religious NGOs examples include WAMY News, published by the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, or the IPCI News, brought out by the Islamic Propagation Centre International.
At the same rime, Ahmed Deedat and the IPCI in important respects--as Shamil Jeppie has shown grew out of the Islamic reform activities of the Arabic Study Circle in Durban (Jeppie 2007; cf.
the Instrument of Light (Ngwane 2003) has been published in tens of thousands of copies in both Zulu and English for free distribution by the IPCI with the support of the Southern Africa Dawah Network and the Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs of the State of Qatar.
8) Other Durban institutions than the IPCI are vying for the mantle of Ahmed Deedat, such as the Islamic Interfaith Research Institute, led by Rafeek Hassan, or the Islamic Comparative Religion Academy, whose leader is Ayoob Karim.