IPCMIntegrated Pest and Crop Management
IPCMIsodensity Surface Polarized Continuum Model
IPCMImperfect Coverage Model
IPCMIncident, Problem, and Change Management
IPCMInter-Processor Communication Module
IPCMICT Procurement Capability Model
IPCMIntra Pulse Code Modulation
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A drawback of IPCM is the delay during AVS due to sample transport to and from the pathology department, centrifugation, dilution (when required), and assay.
Unlike in IPCM, assessment of lateralization requires that both aldosterone and cortisol be measured precisely (and not just above a certain interval).
Additionally, IPCM, a national physician group which manages the care of patients in hospitals and other medically-related facilities, also reported that patient encounters grew 14% to nearly 2 million encounters.
If you own IPCM shares and would like more information about your rights or our investigation, or if you have information to share with us, please contact Joshua Rubin by telephone at (888) 593-4771 or by email atstockinfo@weisslawllp.
IPCM stockholders -- or anyone with knowledge about this situation -- should contact lawyer Hamilton Lindley at hlindley@dunnamlaw.
If you own shares of IPCM common stock since June of 2010 and wish to discuss the legal ramifications of the investigation, or have any questions, you may e-mail or call the law office of Brodsky & Smith, LLC who will, without obligation or cost to you, attempt to answer your questions.