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IPDInfrastructure Planning and Design (Microsoft)
IPDIntegrated Project Delivery
IPDInstitut für Programmstrukturen und Datenorganisation
IPDInvasive Pneumococcal Disease
IPDIntegrated Product Development
IPDInvestment Property Databank (UK)
IPDInternet Pinball Database
IPDInstitute for Professional Development
IPDImplicit Price Deflator
IPDIntellectual Property Department
IPDIndividual Patient Data
IPDInstitute for Popular Democracy (Philippines)
IPDInterpupillary Distance (binocular optics)
IPDIntegrated Passive Device (electronics)
IPDInstitute of Personnel and Development
IPDIndianapolis Police Department
IPDIdiopathic Parkinson's Disease
IPDInterspinous Process Decompression (spinal stenosis treatment)
IPDIn-Patient Department
IPDImmediate Pigment Darkening
IPDImpulse for Progress and Democracy (Benin)
IPDInformation Processing Division (NOAA)
IPDIntelligent Power Device
IPDInsider Presse Dienst (Basel, Switzerland)
IPDIncidence and Prevalence Database
IPDIntel Product Dealer
IPDInline-Progression-Dimension (Apache)
IPDIssue Priority Designator
IPDIntelligent Printer Data
IPDInstitute of Policy Development (Singapore)
IPDIrving Police Department (Irving, Texas)
IPDInternational Parking Design, Inc.
IPDInterest Payment Date
IPDImproved Point Defense
IPDInformation and Publishing Division
iPDInteractive Phase Distortion (modulation)
IPDIntellectual Property Development, Inc. (Bay Harbor Islands, FL)
IPDIn Patients Department
IPDIndio Police Department (Indio, CA)
IPDIBM Personal Dictation System
IPDInformation Product Description
IPDImprovement Portfolio Development
IPDInteraural Pitch Difference
IPDInstitutional Participation Division (US Department of Education)
IPDInternational Product Development Co., Inc.
IPDIntelligent Product Data
IPDIntentional Packet Dropping
IPDIntegral Protective Device
IPDImplementing Project Directive
IPDInstructional Program Developer/Development
IPDImage Product Database
IPDIn Pace Domini (Latin: In Peace of the Lord, epigraphy)
IPDInpatient Director (Kaiser Permanente)
IPDIn Praesentia Dominorum (Latin: In Presence of the Lords (of Session))
IPDInternational Program Directive
IPDInvestment Products Division
IPDInteractive Pen Display (computer equipment)
IPDImage Process Design (various locations)
IPDInfectious and Parasitic Diseases
IPDInnovative Product Development (various organizations)
IPDInternational Policy Division (various locations)
IPDInstruction and Professional Development (various organizations)
IPDInstituto Peruano del Deporte (Spanish: Peruvian Institute of Sport)
IPDImmature Personality Disorder
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Ken Bower, managing director, Corporate Real Estate Facilities, American Airlines explains that "of all the process delivery methods, IPD is the most promising.
As soon as there is a lack of trust IPD cannot function.
In addition, the risk of IPD among individuals aged 50-64 years has decreased in recent years because of routine use of the 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV7) in infants.
4] The classic pill-rolling rest tremor associated with IPD is noted when the hand is motionless.
With a CAGR of almost 25%, the ESD and TVS protection of high power LED will be the fastest growing field of application for IPD protection components in the next five years.
The Smart Card was all about making charging more convenient for smartphone users," Gene Aikens, founder of The Power Company and iPD creator, said.
The first IPD multi-party contract executed in Canada, this project is a prime example of the collaborative and innovative processes leading the future in LEAN construction.
IPD has the potential to erase this last question from the thought process, impelling the parties towards collaboration by having all parties share gains for success and losses for cost overruns.
The audience profile - senior players in the pan European property market - coupled with an environment that is conducive to transactional business meant Expo Real stood out as the obvious event at which to host the inaugural EuroProperty Investment Awards, in association with IPD and Eurohypo.
Incidence rates of vaccine-type IPD also declined substantially among individuals outside the target population, with the largest absolute rate reduction occurring in those 65 years and older.
Kraton IPD grades are said to help manufacturers produce roofing membranes with extended high and low temperature performance properties, better slump resistance, improved aging characteristics, resistance to thermal degradation and superior elastic properties.