IPDASIntestinal Protective Drug Absorption System (trademark of Elan)
IPDASInnovative Product Development Assistance Scheme (Hong Kong)
IPDASInternational Patient Decision Aids Standards (collaboration)
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For screening tests, the IPDAS guidelines assert, the decision aid should disclose the probability of a patient receiving a "true positive, true negative, false positive and false negative test result," as well as the "chance of disease being found with and without screening.
42) Noting this differential effect, IPDAS recommends that decision aids should present quantitative information both positively and negatively, to avoid biasing individuals one way or the other.
This raises questions about the IPDAS recommendation that decision aids should employ both positive and negative framing.
The once-daily naproxen formulation uses Elan's IPDAS (intestinal protection drug absorption system), in which specially coated particles of naproxen sodium are compressed into tablets that are diffused and slowly absorbed throughout the gastrointestinal tract.
Using its IPDAS technology, each Naprelan tablet contains many specialized multiparticulate high-density beads.
IPDAS is a specialized multiparticulate high density bead system which Elan has developed specifically to minimize the adverse gastrointestinal effects commonly encountered with certain irritant drug compounds, the most notable of which are NSAIDs and antibiotics.