IPDDIntellectual Property Due Diligence
IPDDInternational Panel on Democracy and Development
IPDDIndustrial Parks Development Department (Afghanistan Investment Support Agency)
IPDDInitial Project Design Description
IPDDIndustrial Product Design and Development (Stuttgart, Germany)
IPDDInstitut Pan-Africain pour le Développement (French)
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The fact is that we are being forced to spend more and more of our time deleting unwanted emails and at the time of the last IPDD report, mathematical models were predicting that by 2019, the entire working lives of everyone on the planet would be taken up with this task.
As Hans-Frie Blakberi, president of the IPDD, explained in his keynote address (which was simultaneously emailed to everyone on Earth), their work has been considerably hampered by the irresponsible actions of those he referred to as 'Digital Disaster Deniers' who persistently maintained that spam filters and the development of better deletion tools would take care of the problem.
In combination with Cutler-Hammer's existing capabilities, the technology developed by IPDD will help our customers monitor insulation quality, locate weaknesses, predict timing of potential failures and extend the life of installed electrical equipment.