IPDEInternational Personality Disorder Examination
IPDEIntegrated Product Data Environment
IPDEIdentify, Predict, Decide, Execute (safe driving system)
IPDEIntegro-Partial Differential Equation (mathematics)
IPDEInstitut Post-Doctoral Européen
IPDEInteractive Program Development Environment
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Para realizar el diagnostico de los trastornos de la personalidad se emplearon los puntos de corte del DSM-IV, y cada uno de los psicologos realizo los diagnosticos de manera independiente, siguiendo el manual del IPDE.
Una vez aplicada la entrevista clinica del IPDE para aquellos trastornos que resultaron positivos en el cuestionario de cribado, se observo una notable disminucion de las prevalencias para los distintos trastornos de la personalidad (tabla 1).
Trastornos de personalidad en alcoholicos: un estudio con el IPDE.
Tabla 2 Frecuencia de los trastornos de la personalidad en el grupo de dependientes del cannabis comparada con los grupos de control segun el IPDE, MCMI-II e IPDE+MCMI-II IPDE + IPDE MCMI-II MCMI-II (1) N (%) N (%) N (%) Grupo de dependientes del cannabis N= 141 45 (32,8%) 65 (47,4%) 113 (81,3%) Grupo de control clinico N= 140 33 (23,7%) 46 (33,1%) 123 (88,5%) Grupo de control sano N= 140 14 (10%) 13 (9,3%) 91 (65%) [ji al cuadrado] (gl) 21,252 *** 49,149 *** 23,689 *** (2) (2) (2) *** p< 0,001 (1) Para ser incluidos en este grupo, los pacientes deben de estar diagnosticados del mismo trastorno de per- sonalidad por ambos instrumentos.
Intergraph worked closely with the Avondale Alliance to design, develop and implement an IPDE that meets Navy requirements.
Although the IPDE is an umbrella environment, Intergraph provides the two major components of the IPDE: Integrated Ship Design and Production (ISDP), a world-class 3D modeling software system, and the Ship Information Repository (SIR), a shipbuilding-specific product data management system.
The AIM/SIR solution provided by Intergraph, which forms the core of the IPDE, remains the first of its kind because it effectively integrates the applications on the object level," said Thomas.
IPDE integrates technologies for computer-aided design, engineering and manufacturing (CAD/CAE/CAM), data management, configuration management and life-cycle support, with Intergraph's Integrated Ship Design and Production (ISDP) and Asset Information Manager/Ship Information Repository (AIM/SIR) products providing the core functionality.
At the ceremony, representatives from Congress, the Navy, the Marine Corps and the Avondale Alliance praised the value of IPDE and its contribution to project success, as well as troop readiness and quality of life.
CATWEB's infrastructure allows us to extend the visualization capabilities using Java and CORBA technologies to access CAD, PDM and legacy data managed within the GDMS IPDE," explains Christine Hendrick, Computer Sciences Corporation, Program Manager, IPDE Applications Development.
What the deployment of the IPDE means for the LPD 17 Program is that there is now a "bridge" between design, production, and future management functions - as well as Alliance members.
Intergraph is pleased to have a substantial role in providing the technology that helped implement the IPDE environment.