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IPDIIsophorone Diisocyanate
IPDIInstitute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet (George Washington University)
IPDIInnovative Perpetual Debt Instrument (India)
IPDIImmediate Post Death Interests (taxes; UK)
IPDIInstitute for Pension and Disability Insurance (Slovenia)
IPDIImplicit Price Deflator Index
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ABBREVIATIONS BPEF 9, 9-bis(4-(2-hydroxyethoxy)phenyl)fluorene COP cyclic olefine copolymer DMA dynamic mechanical analysis DSC differential scanning calorimetry FBP fluorene-based polyester IPDI isophorone diisocyanate PC polycarbonate PEN polyethylene naphtalate PET polyethylene terephthalate RH relative humidity TMP trimethylolpropane TMA thermomechanical analysis XRD X-ray diffraction
0 Phase C Cyclomethicone (and) dimethiconol IPDI 15.
Bayer MaterialScience has developed innovative products for this application based on HDI and IPDI, which also enable the formulation of low-solvent coatings.
Table 1: Sample designation and composition of WHBPUADs Samples Molar Number ratio of of end raw group material IPDI HEA Boltorn[R]H20 MA -C=C -COOH WHBPUAD 4 4 1 12 4 12 4-12 WHBPUAD 6 6 1 10 6 10 6-10 WHBPUAD 8 8 1 8 8 8 8-8 WHBPUAD 10 10 1 6 10 6 10-6 WHBPUAD 12 12 1 4 12 4 12-4 Samples [M.
Two urethane dimethacrylates of oligomer type were prepared according to the general synthetic route shown in Scheme 1, via condensation of the poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) with an aliphatic diisocyanate, such as IPDI, to yield a prepolymer with end isocyanate groups, which finally was converted to a dimethacrylate by the reaction with 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate.
However, similar work using IPDI with different steric isomer ratios was not found in the literature.
First, urethane monoacrylate (IPDI-HEA) was obtained in a reaction between the secondary cycloaliphatic NCO group (NCOsec) of IPDI and the OH group of HEA with DBTDL as catalyst.
Polymerization of IPDI with PTMO or siloxane diols, and copolymerization of IPDI, PTMO, and siloxanes in a bulk system were performed in a differential scanning calorimeter (DSC2010, TA instrument).
manufacturing unit to produce Vestanat IPDI at its Theodore, AL facility.
Table 4: Composition of PUD 1 and MOD 1 Sample POLY POLY 1:DMPA POLY 1: ATBS IPDI (g) TEA EDA 1 (g) equivalent ratio equivalent ratio (g) (g) PUD 1 25.
Mixing and film formation were described before the reaction chemistry of polyols (polyacrylates, polyester/acrylic hybrids, and polyurethane dispersions) with polyisocyanates (HDI or IPDI hydrophobics and polyether- or sulphonic acid-modified hydrophillics) were described.
Degussa: Effective increase for Vestamin IPD, Vestanat IPDI in NAFTA; Feb.