IPDKInternational Package and Deployment Kit (Microsoft Visual Basic software)
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The IPL Alliance, which includes major electronic design automation (EDA), semiconductor and foundry companies, released the industry's first open standard for iPDKs in 2010.
iPDKs provide our customers the flexibility to adopt proven tools for their analog/mixed-signal designs.
We welcome the addition of UMC iPDKs to meet the increasing demand from customers.
The IPL Alliance, comprised of major EDA and foundry companies, has devised the first open standard for iPDKs for A/MS designs.
By making IPL Alliance standards part of our product roadmap, we pre-validate that our tools work with the iPDKs delivered by foundries and IDMs.
The GLOBALFOUNDRIES 65-nanometer (nm) iPDKs are available now with additional iPDKs planned for delivery later in 2011.
The GLOBALFOUNDRIES 65nm-G (generic process) and 65nm-LPe (enhanced low power process) iPDKs are available now.
Specialty Foundry in Korea Plans to Develop iPDKs for its BCDMOS Foundry Process
Both the 40nm and 65nm TSMC iPDKs will be available for production use with the Laker[TM] Custom Layout Automation System by the end of the second quarter 2010.
TowerJazz, a leader in specialty processes and design enablement, is developing best-in-class iPDKs that are derived from this standard.