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IPDRInternational Project Development Roadmap (Canada)
IPDRInternal Preliminary Design Review
IPDRIndividual Program Data Records
IPDRInstrument Preliminary Design Review
IPDRInternet Protocol Detail Record
IPDRInternet Protocol Detail Record Organization
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CableLabs' has already adopted IPDR Streaming Protocol for DOCSIS and their experience has prepared them for today's next-generation of open STB requirements.
Frank Sandoval, director, OCAP Specifications in the CableLabs Advanced Platforms and Services Department, said the IPDR technology was a great fit for the OpenCable specifications.
The IPDR also included a review of all layers of the FCS Network, embedded training, modeling and simulation, logistics and supportability functions, and complementary programs.
The IPDR also demonstrated the maturity of the overall FCS baseline design concept.
The IPDR market leader, Applied Broadband has licensed Pipeline technology to seven customers and the software is used by five of the top 10 cable operators in North America.
The enhancements to the Pipeline IPDR Engine are designed to address these needs, including handling all advanced Service Definitions and IPDR requirements in the DOCSIS[R] 3.
This new release builds upon the existing platform capabilities doubling the number of subscribers supported by a single collector effectively halving the hardware costs of deploying the platform while improving IPDR processing, storage and analysis capabilities.
org is made up of leading service providers, equipment vendors, system integrators, and billing and mediation vendors who collaborate to facilitate the exchange of usage and control data between network and hosting elements and operations and business support systems by deployment of IPDR standards.
12:15 - 1:00 Session 1 Tackling the Challenges of the Emerging Content Market Stoyan Kenderov, Amdocs Director- Business Development - Next-Generation Services, and Technology Evangelist 1:15 - 2:00 Session 2 Personalization Versus Privacy: The Two Can Co-Exist Kelly Anderson, IPDR.
There will be no fee to attend this meeting and no requirement to be an IPDR.
The IPDR protocol is a "service-neutral" specification that supports billing of packet-based services, and can be applied to any IP service and application (i.
IPTV brings the promise of genuine interactivity, networked and personalized video and blended services," said Tal Givoly, director of IPDR.