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IPDSImproved (Chemical Agent) Point Detection System
IPDSIntegrated Personal Development System (UK Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Fire Safety)
IPDSIdea Program Data System (military)
IPDSImagery Processing and Dissemination System
IPDSImproved Point Detection System
IPDSImproved Position Determining System
IPDSIntegrated Product Development System
IPDSIntelligent Printer Data Stream (RFC 2708)
IPDSinland petroleum distribution system (Army) (US DoD)
IPDSIBM Personal Dictation System
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IPDS emphasizes the importance of system integration, and it recognizes that packaging is uniquely involved in every phase of the product delivery system.
At $495 per output destination, ExcelliPrint Standard targets budget-conscious administrators with an affordable, flexible replacement for IPDS DIMMs and other hardware print servers.
However, since we constructed IPDS I and II in Kuwait, we had used more pipe than we scheduled for, and there were no pump stations in country to continue IPDS V.
During Operation Iraqi Freedom, soldiers assigned to the pipeline platoons of the PPTO companies maimed the IPDS pump stations.
Shortly before combat operations began, CFLCC made the decision to continue the IPDS pipeline into Iraq.
Created in partnership with Intermate A/S, a leader in the development of IBM printing solutions and remote connectivity for Fortune 500 companies, Ricoh's RA2K Integration for IPDS is an ideal way to receive advanced transactional print data from any IBM mini or mainframe host, without any effect on print performance.
Both ExcelliPrint Standard and Premium eliminate the need for specialized, expensive IPDS printers by allowing IPDS print jobs to be printed on common Windows-based printers.
Under the new OEM agreement, Equitrac will provide an embedded IPDS solution that enables direct communication between a host computer and the MFP.
ExcelliPrint gives users a platform-independent, secure, browser-based interface where they can create new or redirect existing iSeries print devices and hold or release IPDS spooled files.
ExcelliPrint lowers IPDS printing costs by using common Windows-based printers to print IPDS documents.
The LinkCom III software converts IPDS and SCS/DCA print data streams to PCL or PostScript language.
The combination of Intermate's IPDS expertise and its strong relationships with strategic partners and OEM providers will strengthen Kodak's existing Unified Workflow solutions and open new opportunities in data center markets for us and our customers.