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IPDSImproved (Chemical Agent) Point Detection System
IPDSIntegrated Personal Development System (UK Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Fire Safety)
IPDSIdea Program Data System (military)
IPDSImagery Processing and Dissemination System
IPDSImproved Point Detection System
IPDSImproved Position Determining System
IPDSIntegrated Product Development System
IPDSIntelligent Printer Data Stream (RFC 2708)
IPDSinland petroleum distribution system (Army) (US DoD)
IPDSIBM Personal Dictation System
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The IPDS pipeline consists of 6-inch diameter aluminum pipe sections, and pump stations.
IPDS mainline pump stations are constructed along the pipeline to move fuel.
The IPDS pipeline delivers fuel to Tactical Petroleum Terminals (TPTs) that store and distribute bulk fuel to tanker trucks and tactical refueling vehicles.
The commercial pipeline connects the IPDS with Kuwaiti refineries on the Arabian Gulf (Figure 6).
Another thing to consider when constructing the IPDS is maximizing fuel flow.
Once the IPDS is constructed, it has to be filled and flushed before placing it in operation.
As a result, we broke the mission into five segments, IPDS I through IPDSV.
IPDS I stretched from Camp Virginia to Breach Point West (about 51.
Intermate Advanced Print Server IPDS (IAPS IPDS) - enables any PostScript or PCL5 compatible multi-function printing device to print AFP/IPDS from an IBM host.
Intermate's IPDS technology is well established and highly regarded in the IPDS market.
Print SCS and IPDS data streams without the need for external conversion boxes.
At Intermate, we've been focused on the IPDS market for more than 20 years, and we believe we have the most widely used IPDS implementation in the world.