IPDUInternetwork Protocol Data Unit
IPDUInstructors of Play Diving University
IPDUIntelligent Power Distribution Unit
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To simplify deployment and management, all AlterPath PM IPDUs can be daisy-chained together to enable users to increase capacity.
They have the industry's highest density for IPDUs for both horizontal and vertical models.
Influenced by this trend and Cyclades' reputation for dependability, our surge in sales of the AlterPath(TM) PM8 IPDUs further encouraged us to create these new models.
All AlterPath PM IPDUs have daisy-chaining capabilities, allowing users to increase capacity by connecting the control interfaces of several AlterPath PM units in series.
The IPDUs allow data center professionals to remotely power on, off or power cycle their network devices, as well as monitor the current draw, check the power status on a certain device and group power outlets together so that multiple power supply systems can be turned on or off with single command.
The IPDUs can be used as a power distribution and protection device with any terminal server, but when used with Cyclades console servers, they deliver easier out-of-band management capabilities and faster problem solving by integrating console access and power control into one single interface.
With daisy-chaining capabilities to link several units, the IPDUs allow for increased scalability while preserving central-management functions by linking the control interfaces.
To further help workers in identifying equipment in the data center, Choice Hotels decided to use Raritan's color iPDUs and cables in red and blue.