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IPEInterprofessional Education (healthcare)
IPEIle du Prince Edouard (Canada)
IPETabebuia Impetiginosa
IPEIntelligent Peripheral Equipment
IPEInvestimentos e Participações Empresariais (Portugal)
IPEInstitute of Public Enterprise
IPEInternetwork Packet Exchange (usually seen as IPX)
IPEIndividual Plant Examination (NRC)
IPEInverse Photoemission
IPEInstituto de Previdência do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
IPEindividual protective clothing (US DoD)
IPEIn-band Parameter Exchange
IPEIn Path Equipment (computer networking)
IPEIntegrated Platform Electronics
IPEInternet Protocol Encapsulator
IPEInterconnect, Passive & Electromechanical
IPEInstallation de Production d'Énergie (French: Energy Production Facility; various locations)
IPEIndependent Practice Endorsement
IPEIncreased/Improved Performance Engine
IPEInter-PRE (Performance Routing Engine) Ethernet (Cisco)
IPEInterface Processing Equipment
IPEInterpersonal Political Environment
IPEIntegrated Programming Environment
IPEIn Pursuit of Excellence (various locations)
IPEindustrial plant equipment (US DoD)
IPEInter-Professional Education
IPEInitial Planning Estimate
IPEInstitute of Private Enterprise
IPEInstitute of Public and Environmental Affairs (Beijing, China; also seen as IPEA)
IPEInternational Panel of Experts (also seen as IPOE)
IPEInternational Private Equity (various organizations)
IPEInstitute of Petroleum Engineering (UK)
IPEInstitute of Physical Education (various locations)
IPEIntelligence Preparation of the Environment (US military)
IPEInternational Petroleum Exchange
IPEInternational Political Economy
IPEInterconnect(ion) Performance Estimation
IPEIndividual Protection Equipment
IPEIndustrial Production Equipment
IPEInformation Processing Equipment
IPEIndividualized Plan for Employment
IPEInternational Position Evaluation (Mercer)
IPEInternational Preliminary Examination (patents)
IPEI-Profile Européennes (French: European I-Beam profile, construction industry)
IPEIntermediate Public Examination (India)
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Commenting on the conference, Dr Hasna said: It is a significant opportunity to bring healthcare experts from around the world to discuss, share experience and exchange ideas on the development of IPE curricula.
The IPE leadership team brings more than 70 years of combined experience in incentive payroll solutions to simplify deployment, use, and maintenance of shop floor and piecework payroll activities.
IPE has also increasingly put Solvay's Spire[R] Ultra Polymers to use due to the broad benefits of these materials, including high stiffness and hardness and excellent resistance to chemicals and high temperatures.
6 million private-sector employees in Morocco, but the number of people required to pay into the CNSS - who are the only people entitled to receive the IPE - is just 2.
It is through this polysemy that there has also occurred a conflation of IPE with heterodox economics.
One out of 25 volunteers given IPE who completed the study gained more than three per cent of their body weight, compared with six out of 24 given inulin.
Vernon rejected the suggestion IPE could lead to the medicalisation of all students.
Nearly 500 educators attended the symposium, participating in breakout sessions to learn about simulation-based IPE projects and research.
Under the proposed ASU, to enhance the understating of the nature, risks and benefits of IPEs, an IPE will be required to separately present the rental revenue, rental operating expenses, fair value of investment properties, and any associated debt.
Established in 1998 by Ashwajit Singh, a first generation entrepreneur and London School of Economics alumnus, IPE Global consults and assists governments and multilateral organisations in implementing socioeconomic projects across the developing world in South Asia and parts of South East Asia and Africa.
DED and IPE have also agreed to institute an "Investors in People" award for exemplary IIP leadership.
After defining IPE, the text is organized by sections offering coverage of theoretical foundations; mainstream contemporary approaches; alternative contemporary approaches; globalization; national, international, regional, and global governance; trade; global finance; development; environment; technology; culture; and security.