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IPEAInstitute of Applied Economic Research
IPEAInternational Preliminary Examining Authority
IPEAInstituto de Pesquisa e Economia Aplicada (Institute of Applied Economic Research, Brazil)
IPEAInstitute of Public and Environmental Affairs (Beijing, China; also seen as IPE)
IPEAInternational Private Energy Association
IPEAInstituto de Pensamiento Estratégico Ágora (Spanish: Institute of Strategic Thinking, Agora; Mexico)
IPEAInternational Project Evangelion Agency (fictional organization)
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The interaction of the IPEA elements just mentioned is shown in the graph titled "the upside-down pyramid.
After London, I returned to the IPEA in Rome to start teaching and to continue the study of the Qur'an.
This document describes the situation of African-descendant Brazilians based on the race/ethnicity variable of Brazil's Pesquisas Nacionais de Amostra por Domicilio, PNAD (National Household Surveys) from 1990 to 2001 and the database prepared by the Instituto de Pesquisa Economica e Aplicada, IPEA (Institute of Applied Economic Research).
Discussant: Maria Carolina Leme, IPEA, Rio de Janeiro
Alicia BEircena also met with Marco Aurelio GarcE[degrees]a, Special Adviser on Foreign Affairs to the Presidency of the Republic, and with Sergei Suarez, President of the Instituto de Pesquisa Economica Aplicada, IPEA (Institute for Applied Economic Research), a public federal foundation linked to the Presidency s Secretariat of Strategic Affairs.
IPEA (Agora Institute for Strategic Thinking): One Million Youth for Mexico Campaign
Desafios ao Desenvolvimento Brasileiro--Contribuicoes do conselho de orientacoes do IPEA, Brasilia: IPEA, 2009, p.
Things are not moving as fast as they should, some of them are moving very slowly indeed," said Milko Matijascic, an adviser to the president of the Institute of Applied Economic Research, the IPEA.
A seguridade social dos trabalhadores rurais, a partir de meados dos anos 1990, especialmente, depois do estudo realizado pelo IPEA -- Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada, ganhou visibilidade analítica inédita na história da sociologia e economia rurais brasileiras.
DOW PuraGuard PG USP/EP, which provides among the highest purity PG USP/EP on the market today, is the only PG USP/EP to have received this third-party IPEA GMP certification.
Renato Baumann, IPEA, Brazil, Naina Lal Kidwai, Chairperson, FICCI and Country Head (India), HSBC Ltd, Anurag Jain, CMD, EXIM Bank of India, S.