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IPECInternational Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour
IPECInternational Pharmaceutical Excipients Council
IPECInternational Power Electronics Conference
IPECInternational Power Engineering Conference
IPECIntegrated Petroleum Environmental Consortium
IPECInterstate Parcel Express Company (defunct Australian airline)
IPECInterdisciplinary Professional Education Collaborative (US healthcare)
IPECInternational Poverty Eradication Program
IPECIntellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (US White House)
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IPEC and Prime Trade now plan to meet other customers in the market to raise awareness of the products and services on offer, which are used to improve asset life of high voltage systems.
Under the contract, IPEC will supply partial discharge test instruments, PD-SGS devices and PD-SG1s systems.
IPEC's award follows the signing of a partnership agreement with Doha-based Prime Trade to promote IPEC's products and services into the Qatar market with this deal being the first step for IPEC in Qatar.
Office of the IPEC staff report that they have taken steps to implement the PRO-IP Act.
IPEC -which stands for Identification, Protection, Enforcement and Commercialisation - also works with the investigative arm AIS 2000, a consultancy of former police officers providing nationwide investigative advice and corporate security support, and EIP, a firm of patent and trademark attorneys.
Clarke & Hartland - which specialises in criminal and commercial law- claims that IPEC will use civil and criminal law to deter infringement of IP rights - different from competitors in the market.
From 1998 to 2001, 178 human (8) and 347 feline (9) cases of sporotrichosis were reported to IPEC.
With Romhi active in the background, the ministers of Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela met in Riyadh in early March 1998 and reached a tripartite pact to defend prices within the framework of co-operation between OPEC and as many IPEC states as possible.
IPEC also sponsors local programs to educate young people still trapped in the web of unending labor.
Now, IPEC is turning its attention to building an international coalition against child labour.