IPEDSIntegrated Postsecondary Education Data System
IPEDSInteractive Public Exhibits and Digital Signage
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As Congress rethinks the Higher Education Act, it's important to move away from IPEDS," says Wilson.
Completion of IPEDS surveys is mandatory for postsecondary institutions that receive federal Title IV funding, such as Pell grants and federal student loans.
Finally, we also find that large programs tend to underreport degrees to IPEDS.
However, their post-reduction discount rate will not be available in IPEDS until next summer.
Mitchell also acknowledged the shortcomings of IPEDS when it comes to community colleges.
Although we still focus on only public institutions, the expansion of degree offerings among a notable number of community colleges requires us to consider institutions now considered to be "four-year" within the IPEDS collection by virtue of offering as few as one bachelor's degree program.
Note: the IPEDS site also provides "net price" information, but this is based on just students receiving government aid and is using total expenses, rather than just tuition and fee charges.
2) The statistics reported here were derived from published IPEDS and HEGIS data in 15 editions (1988 to 2002) of the NCES annual publication Digest of Education Statistics.
com, US New & World Report, IPEDS, and the schools' own websites, for complete accuracy.
What Census and IPEDS data lack, Excelencia filled in by identifying degree attainment numbers and breaking out data in terms of equity for Latinos.
The summary tables accompanying this introductory analysis, as well as the detailed institutional tables, are based on the IPEDS Fall Enrollment data collected by NCES.
Tabulations in this report present selected data collected during the winter 2003-04 IPEDS collection about faculty and staff employed at Title IV degree-granting institutions (4) in the United States.