IPEMCInternational Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference
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Highlighting the importance of forum for bringing improvement in education sector, State minister who is also the Chairman of IPEMC, said that the platform would help deciding federating units a common line of action for the development of country and its people.
Participants also discussed National Education Policy with its timeline and strategy that would be presented in next meeting of IPEMC, he told.
We approved big things at this platform, for example Minimum Education standards have been finalized in 7th IPEMC.
In his thirty-five year career, Elbanhawy has delivered numerous technical presentations at conferences including PESC, PEDS, Intel Technology Symposium, PCIM, PPDC, IPEC, IPEMC, IIC and Power Systems World.
IPEMC, the International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference, is an important platform for academic exchange between industry professionals and scholars from around the world.
He also spoke about the NEAS report 2015, IPEMC, curriculum and Revised National Education Policy.
The ministeradded IPEMC has approved the formation of national curriculum council (NCC)aiming to develop minimum national standards in all subjects for all grades,national curriculum framework in consultation with all stakeholders and conductresearch in curriculum, teachers' training and assessment.
The minister said IPEMC provides a platform to interact with donors and UN agencies for formulating a unison policy for investing in education sector.
The minister said that so far, IPEMC had three meetings in 2014 and had decided to meet quarterly.
The minister said the government was committed to improve quality of education and hoped that the recommendations by IPEMC would help formulate a consensus National Education Policy and curricula.
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