IPENInternational POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutant) Elimination Network
IPENInstituto Peruano de Energía Nuclear (Peruvian Nuclear Energy Institute)
IPENInstituto Peruano de Energía Nuclear (Peru)
IPENInternational Program Evaluation Network (conference)
IPENIntellectual Property Enforcement Network
IPENInternational Private Equity Network (various locations)
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To avoid that situation, the IX Workshop was held successfully in Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, on 11-16 July 2016, hosted by the IPEN lidar team.
Evaluation of integrated management of neonatal and childhood illnesses (IMNCI) program in India: An IPEN study.
The IPEN lead paint elimination campaigner said, creating and printing new labels for the new lead-free products need not be expensive because manufacturers have options such as "printing the labels periodically as part of the overall marketing effort in doing business.
The Festival of Positive Education will be the launching point for a new kind of education," says Sir Anthony Seldon, president of IPEN.
Racz and F Lauria) IPEN number: XX-o-WU-EPH120009; garden reference number 23026.
A elevada competitividade da radioesterilizacao decorre ainda das seguintes caracteristicas do processo: a penetracao da radiacao assegura esterilizacao de todo o volume do produto, seja na forma de solido, liquido ou gel; processo e continuo e nao requer tratamento posterior para a retirada de gas residual; e emprego de embalagem impermeavel a gases, assegura esterilizacao por tempo ilimitado (Rela, 2001; IPEN, 2013).
Joe DiGangi, a science adviser with advocacy group IPEN, said that while the treaty is "a first step," it is not tough enough to achieve its aim of reducing overall emissions.
Lynnea Shief, 28 from Berkhamsted is Director of IPEN, Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network, she says: 'We create smoothies and homeopathic remedies from placentas, but the capsules are the most popular because they use the majority of the flesh from the placenta.
El uso del Servqual en la verificacion de la calidad de los servicios de unidades de informacion: El caso de la biblioteca del IPEN.
Con el objetivo de reducir la dependencia de la ayuda exterior y evitar las limitaciones creadas por las salvaguardias internacionales, Geisel inicio en 1979 el << Programa Nuclear Paralelo>>, con el apoyo del IPEN y desarrollado por la Marina.
2005) El uso de SERVQUAL en la verificacion de la calidad de los servicios de unidades de informacion: el caso de la biblioteca del IPEN.