IPENInternational POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutant) Elimination Network
IPENInstituto Peruano de Energía Nuclear (Peruvian Nuclear Energy Institute)
IPENInstituto Peruano de Energía Nuclear (Peru)
IPENInternational Program Evaluation Network (conference)
IPENIntellectual Property Enforcement Network
IPENInternational Private Equity Network (various locations)
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My hope is that future generations can develop positive values as well as reach for and achieve goals that benefit them and society as a whole," says Johnson, who is a member of the IPEN steering committee and who, at the request of Seligman and O'Shaughnessy, assisted with the U.
Sara Brosche, Project Manager IPEN +46 704035816 sarabrosche@ipen.
Perry Gottesfeld, executive director of the San Francisco-based NGO Occupational Knowledge International, a GAELP member and IPEN partner, helped conduct the survey of 61 Cameroonian paints that turned up the high lead levels in Seigneurie and other brands.
In addition to the Asia data, IPEN participating organizations also released new reports on lead in paint in Russia and Paraguay and conducted lead awareness activities in a total of more than 20 countries.
China is all but alone in manufacturing vinyl chloride monomer in a way that uses mercury as a catalyst, but IPEN describes the Chinese industry as an unquantified and "potentially enormous" emissions source.
For example, IPEN promoted a typology of scientific uncertainty with three categories--missing data, indeterminacy, and ignorance--and argued that precautionary deliberations and actions were warranted in the face of all three.
IPEN cited studies showing that HBCD -- or hexabromocyclododecane -- affects the ability of children to learn and grow because it can harm thyroid function and brain development.
Creative protests by other IPEN members also helped open up space in the negotiations for a coalition of EU and developing nation delegates who worked to strengthen different parts of the treaty.
10, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Countries signing the world's first international mercury treaty have a "moral and legal" obligation to fully implement all treaty provisions, said IPEN, an international NGO, which participated in the three-year treaty process.
Today's report further highlights the need for global measures on endocrine disrupting chemicals," states Baskut Tuncak, attorney at the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) and coordinator of the IPEN working group on endocrine disrupting chemicals.
The report, a collaboration between IPEN and Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI), highlights the urgent need for an overall reduction in mercury emissions when government delegates convene next week in Geneva in their final negotiating session for an international mercury treaty - the first global treaty on the environment in more than a decade by the United Nations Environment Programme.
Supply, installation and operational commissioning of woodworking machines, divided into 14 separate lots, intended for food and SEP / IPEN carpentry CP Riom (63) and the CD Toul (54).