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IPFCInformation Presentation Facility Compiler
IPFCIndo-Pacific Fishery Commission
IPFCInterline Power Flow Controller
IPFCIndia Pakistan Friendship Club
IPFCInternet Protocol over Fibre Channel (IETF)
IPFCInstitut Philotechnique de Formation Continue (French: Philotechnic Institute of Continuing Education)
IPFCInstitution for the Protection of Fictional Characters
IPFCInstitute for the Prevention of Financial Crimes (Agoura Hill, CA)
IPFCIntelligent Power Factor Controller
IPFCInstructions Per Fetch Cycle
IPFCIndependence Professional Fireworks Company
IPFCInstitut Professionnel de Formation en Cosmétique (French: Professional Cosmetics Training Institute)
IPFCIndependent Personal Financial Coach
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Taxpayers support this fund, as they do schools and any number of state programs, whereas private physicians paid into the IPFC as an irrevocable trust.
40) See UBC, IPFC, FRCA minutes, 14 March 1904; Ralston; "The 1900 Strike," 26-7; and Gillis and Roach, "Pinchotism," 82.
57) UBC, IPFC, FRCA, Executive Committee minute book, 9 June 1903.
The IPFC specification, presented by Gadzoox and Lucent to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), allows widely deployed IP networks such as local area networks (LANs), metropolitan area networks (MANs) and wide area networks (WANs), to interconnect SAN islands over a broad range of distances.
Lucent's interconnect expertise coupled with Gadzoox' command of SAN technology are blended into the IPFC specification, which we believe will create an entirely new way for organizations to address their storage needs.
The IPFC specification, which Gadzoox and Lucent expect to be finalized in late 2000, calls for seamless interconnection of Fibre Channel SANs, routers and IP media, all over virtually limitless distances.
With IPFC, the existing IP network serves as the media, so no one will need to 'reinvent the wheel' when developing an enterprise-wide SAN," said Murali Rajagopal, Gadzoox Networks senior manager of product engineering and chair of the IETF's IPFC committee.
IP will be a big enabler in moving Fibre Channel further into the LAN world and will allow closer integration of Storage Area Networks (SANs) with LANs," said Murali Rajagopal, Senior Manager, Product Engineering at Gadzoox Networks and chairman of the IPFC Working Group of the IETF.