IPFPIterative Proportional Fitting Procedure
IPFPInstitute of Personal Financial Planning (Kansas State University; Manhattan, KS)
IPFPInternational Predissertation Fellowship Program (various universities)
IPFPInternational Prognostic Factor Project (Advanced Hodgkin's Disease)
IPFPIdiopathic Peripheral Facial Palsy
IPFPInjury Prevention Fellowship Program (Indian Health Service; Rockville, MD)
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When the constraint set is inconsistent, IPFP algorithm will not converge to a single fixed point, but oscillate in a few joint probability distributions.
14] improved IPFP by Bayesian network, which took the Bayesian network structure as a new constraint conditions and the independent relationship in random variable.
After each iteration of IPFP, the conditional probability is computed by the current probability distribution [Q.
One is to operate standard IPFP until when it reaches convergence or goes into oscillation.
IPFP provides to all Pakistani fresh PhD graduates an opportunity to be placed as Assistant Professor on a tenure track system based Assistant Professor Position for a maximum of one year period.
Further each IPFP awardee is also provided with a PKR 0.