IPFRInstitute of Plasma and Fusion Research (University of California, Los Angeles; Los Angeles, CA)
IPFRIP (Internet Protocol) Enabled Frame Relay (AT&T)
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When considering IPFRs four key issues are considered: evidence of efficacy, exceptionality, affordability, and ethics.
AT&T IPFR is a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)-based VPN that provides a seamless evolution path for AT&T frame relay and ATM customers wishing to leverage the benefits of an IP VPN.
IPFR indicated that with expiration of the initial term approaching, purchase of the units will significantly reduce administrative costs associated with maintaining the partnership.
she said: "It has been six months going through the IPFR process, waiting and worrying and going through treatment - he didn't have the strength so I did it myself with the help of an advocate to write the letters.
He added: "Going through the IPFR is very stressful, you feel as if you are fighting for your life, fighting cancer and fighting a system.
She said they had been through four IPFR panels, and said that her husband now had no need to apply.
The IPFR process is used by patients to apply for funding for treatments not normally available - Cetuximab is available in England through the Cancer Drugs Fund.
Where NICE or AWMSG say no to a medicine, a patient's clinician can make an application for funding to an IPFR panel.
This means IPFR cases requesting the same therapy or treatment may have different decisions for different patients - specific factors unique to the individual patient mean some people will benefit more than others from a particular treatment.
Decisions over IPFR have been made locally and this has led to a postcode lottery where patients in one part of Wales have received treatment that has been denied elsewhere.
In fairness to the board, the IPFR policy was put in place by the Welsh Government.
During the consultation clinicians working in acute oncology told the review committee that the IPFR, which is used to fund new drugs in Wales, is "not fit for purpose", "it is not good for patients", it "threatens the reputation of the Welsh oncology services", and it is a risk to future funding of cancer research in Wales.