IPFTIndigenous People's Front of Tripura (Tripura, India)
IPFTIntroduction to Personal Fitness Training (National Academy of Sports Medicine course)
IPFTInstitute of Pesticides Formulation Technology (India)
IPFTIntracutaneous Provocative-Neutralization Food Test
IPFTInitial Physical Fitness Test
IPFTInternational Physical Fitness Test (youth evaluation)
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During the last 5-6 years, IPFT has developed many formulations and transferred them to the industries.
Methods and Results: A prospective, descriptive study was performed of IPFT in 23 infants under 3 years of age who received clinically indicated flexible bronchoscopy (FB) for recurrent wheeze and/or cough.
Conclusions: IPFT parameters obtained using plethysmography and the RVRTC techniques are useful in identifying severity of airflow obstruction and hyperinflation in this population.