IPHCInternational Pacific Halibut Commission
IPHCInternational Pentecostal Holiness Church
IPHCInstitut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (French: Hubert Curien Multidisciplinary Institute)
IPHCIntellectual Property High Court (Tokyo High Court; Japan)
IPHCInternet Protocol Header Compression
IPHCIndigenous Primary Health Care (Australia)
IPHCIntegrated Primary Health Care Project (various organizations)
IPHCIntermediate Point Headway Control (subway signaling)
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We also discuss the business and legal ramifications of continuing to hold and manage intellectual property through an IPHC and innovative ways in which a company can use an IPHC to facilitate structured finance and securitization or joint venture transactions.
Persons with an IPHC who later developed a secondary condition believed that HCPs ignored their complaint because the HCP thought they were likely confused and/or just seeking attention.
Similar to NPFMC's ban on unregulated fishing, IPHC prohibits
BCF scientists Doug Weber and Herb Shippen participated in the 1960 Paragon cruise but there were no IPHC staff (Herb Shippen4).
IPHC has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration based on several studies reporting survival in years rather than months.
Although adult halibut abundance was low in the area, a study by IPHC suggested that few juvenile halibut would be incidentally captured (Gilroy and Hoag, 1993).
The IPHC employee who had informed the plaintiff that the program was not imminent was at worst guilty of excusable neglect, not wrongful conduct.
Effnet Group AB announced that Comtech EF Data Corporation, a subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corporation (Nasdaq:CMTL), has selected Effnet's CRTP (Compressed Real-time Transport Protocol) and IPHC (IP Header Compression) products, which improves the efficiency of transmitting Internet Protocol (IP) traffic over wired and wireless networks.
Throughout the eighty years of its existence, the IPHC has facilitated unprecedented cooperation between the United States and Canada and has successfully managed the shared halibut stock to historically high biomass levels.
Leggett, Presiding Bishop of IPHC Ministries and a member of the CCT steering committee, "The two themes of this gathering, Evangelism and Poverty, show that we can work together to proclaim Jesus Christ as Savior of all people.
In this article, we review bycatch of Pacific halibut by nontarget fisheries, the actions that led to the initial international control and resulting measures, the development of bycatch controls by the United States and Canada for their respective fisheries, and the role of the IPHC in discussions between Canada and the United States.
Halibut jurisdictional areas are determined by the IPHC and are more broadly managed than other federal or state commercial or sports fisheries.