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IPHISIntegrated Public Health Information System
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Patroclus lay on the other side of the room, and with him fair Iphis whom Achilles had given him when he took Scyros the city of Enyeus.
The object and purpose of Iphis and Anaxarete are less clear.
She's played Iphis twice before to considerable critical acclaim, but says this production is with a completely different cast giving her interpretation new nuances.
Vertumnus, finally assuming the shape of an old woman, tells Pomona the story of Iphis and Anaxarete.
sequitur comes Iphis euntem, quam solita est, maiore gradu, nec candor in ore permanet, et vires augentur, et acrior ipse est vultus, et incomptis brevior mensura capillis, plusque vigoris adest, habuit quam femina.
Mark Padmore and Susan Bickley' Mark Padmore as Jephtha, Flur Wyn and Susan Bickley' Susan Bickley as Storge and Flur Wyn as her daughter, Iphis
A retrospective review of these 19 cases was completed by extracting demographic, clinical, treatment and contact tracing data from iPHIS.
Best Debut We lost a singer through illness last summer so Sarah Tynan, a young soprano just coming to the end of her studies at the Royal Academy of Music, took over the role the crucial role of Iphis in Handel's Jephtha with just two days to go before rehearsals started.
All were eclipsed by stunning performances from Sasha JohnsonManning as the daughter, Iphis, and Mark Chambers as her brightvoiced suitor, Hamor.
Cases of chronic HBV and HCV reported 1991 to October 2007 were extracted from iPHIS.