IPHRCIndigenous Peoples' Health Research Centre (Canada)
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The IPHRC stressed that the magazine's act has further exacerbated the existing debate on the limits of freedom of expression by converting the so-called "right to offend" into a "duty to offend", pointing out that the magazine itself has been selective in its treatment of different values and religions.
On this important day, IPHRC calls upon all Member States to ratify the statute of OIC Women Development Organization (WDO), on priority.
IPHRC gives funding support to students in areas from medicine to fine arts and helps them showcase their work to all of Canada.
IPHRC fully supports the freedom of expression and the need to discuss all ideas and issues in an open, well informed and frank manner including criticism on sacred beliefs.
In order to identify concrete areas of cooperation with member states, they decided to send an introductory note and a letter requesting that the member states assign a focal point to communicate with IPHRC and put them in contact with civil society organizations.
The second meeting of the IPHRC is due to be hosted in Ankara on Aug.
IPHRC noted that the use of heavy artillery by air, land and sea has led to the destruction of thousands of civilian homes causing internal displacement of over 450000 Palestinians within the already densely populated Gaza strip hence exacerbating the existing humanitarian crisis in that area, which is already under Israeli siege for the last eight years.
The IPHRC reaffirms the proclamation made in numerous United Nations declarations including the latest resolution A/RES/68/127 adopted by the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly that "no religion should be equated with extremism and violence".
It is expected the IPHRC will investigate the violations against human rights in Syria during the first formal session of the commission to be held in Jakarta from Feb.
The Meeting reiterated the need to implement the ministerial resolution 2/38-LEG adopted by Astana Conference which decided that the IPHRC should start its operation within the OIC General Secretariat.
In four working sessions over two days, participants will discuss the nature and scope of the statute and the basic elements of the rules of procedure for the IPHRC.