IPIAInternational Pipe Inspectors Association (Houston, TX)
IPIAIndonesian Pipeline Industry Association
IPIAIdaho Private Investigators Association (Eagle, ID)
IPIAImproving the Performance of Irrigation in Africa (France and Africa)
IPIAProduction Inspection Primary Inspection Agency (housing oversight group)
IPIAImproper Payments Information Act of 2002
IPIAInstitute of Patent Attorneys India
IPIAInternational Programs in Agriculture (Purdue University; West Lafayette, IN)
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5) Our review of agencies' fiscal year 2007 IPIA reporting did not include an in-depth analysis of the steps an agency has taken or plans to take to ensure manager accountability for reducing improper payments, set governmentwide performance standards for proper payment goals and expectations, or establish agency-reported error rate targets for reducing improper payments.
409) Finally, true success in resolving the improper payments issue and complying with the IPIA involves implementing actions to identify and recover improper payments as well as eliminating the initial occurrence.
Rather, shifting the focus of the CCDF error rate methodology to actual payments would be more consistent with both the intent and actual language of the IPIA, and will result in far more accurate and meaningful results regarding "actual payment" error amounts.
The IPIA spokesman denied claims by Fine Gael that greedy petrol bosses were refusing to pass on the reduction in the price of oil to customers.
Expect that auditors will be guided by the FCC rules and regulations that apply to the proper use of support and by the IPIA definition of improper payment.
192) The IPIA also amends Foreign Assistance Act (FAA) (193) provisions related to the IMET program, adding a new requirement for the Secretary of State to report human rights violations by foreign participants in the IMET program to Congress.
The vast majority of consumers are concerned about the quality of their food and drinking water, but do not think about the quality and safety of their ice," said Jane McEwen, IPIA executive director.
Specifically, GAO focused on (1) progress made in agencies' implementation and reporting under IPIA for fiscal year 2007, (2) major challenges that continue to hinder full reporting of improper payment information, and (3) agencies' efforts to report on recovery auditing and recoup contract overpayments.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- The IPIA is working with FEMA and all the major relief organizations to be sure packaged ice is available to help the hurricane victims in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.
Cavendish, a IPIA member, has launched a comprehensive overview of Digital Printing in CD format.
GAO was asked to (1) determine the extent to which DHS has implemented the requirements of IPIA, (2) identify actions DHS has under way to improve IPIA compliance and reporting, and (3) determine what efforts DHS has in place to recover improper payments.
IPIA was enacted to identify and reduce erroneous payments in government programs and activities; in 2005 these erroneous payments cost U.