IPISCIntellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation (Louisville, KY)
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IPISC has a vested business interest in ensuring it does not pay above-market rates or overspend on patent litigation.
IPISC provides clients with peace of mind by protecting their most valuable, intangible assets.
IPISC is the industry leader and expert in Intellectual Property Insurance.
Further, IPISC helped us pick one of the best litigation teams in the country to help us win this .
Greg goes on to say, "Our experience with IPISC is excellent.
Robert Fletcher, President of IPISC, explains, "I personally do not know of any other insurance company that is a bigger advocate for their policyholders than IPISC through its Litigation Management team.
Only IPISC has been able to offer the market a full scope of IP-specific coverages including Defense, Abatement, Multi-Peril and Unauthorized Disclosure policies on a worldwide basis.
About IPISC IPISC is the industry leader and expert in Intellectual Property Insurance.
About IPISC IPISC has remained the market leader and expert in the dynamic field of Intellectual Property (IP) Insurance by using advanced strategies to manage IP risks and protect the value of our clients' IP.
Whether companies make, use, sell, offer for sale, or import goods or services; or, possess rights in patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secrets, IP-specific insurance through IPISC is a critical part of any company's risk management plan.
Robert Fletcher, President and Founder of IPISC explains, "There certainly have been challenges to getting IP insurance to be a widespread means of risk transfer.
With new limits of $5 million, IPISC is now more able to provide value to larger companies.