IPLPIndigenous Peoples Law and Policy (University of Arizona program; Tucson, AZ)
IPLPIllinois Professional Learners' Partnership
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FFO per share is calculated using a weighted average of common share equivalents outstanding for the respective periods, which includes 9,934,475 and 8,399,499 operating units of IPLP owned by Insignia during 1998 and 1997, respectively.
Currently, IPT and IPLP own interests ranging from 1% to 54% in entities which own, in the aggregate, approximately 195 properties including approximately 41,800 units of multi-family residential housing and approximately 4,673,000 square feet of commercial space.
Insignia will initially own virtually 100% of the stock in IPT, with IPT owning 100% of the general partnership interest in IPLP (IFS owns 100% of the limited partnership interest in IPLP).