IPLSIntellectual Property Law Society
IPLSInstitute of Professional Legal Studies (New Zealand)
IPLSInstitute for Policy and Legal Studies (Tirana, Albania)
IPLSIP-Only LAN Service
IPLSInternet Parts Locator Systems (website)
IPLSImagery Product Library Subsystem (Tactical Exploitation Group)
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3M continues to lead the way with innovative approaches to the IPLS format and in providing opportunities to help healthcare facilities reduce HAIs.
IPLS will be among the largest great ape sanctuaries in North America and only the second in the world to include all four great ape species: bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans.
As home for this world-class research facility, IPLS will provide important new opportunities for both scientific and educational advancement.
Located approximately five miles southeast of downtown Des Moines, IPLS will be constructed on 137 acres of land once used as a sand and gravel quarry.
For additional assistance in the sanctuary's design, IPLS planners consulted Dr.
of Johnston, Iowa is construction manager of IPLS and expects earth moving and site preparation efforts to begin by early spring with the first phase of development completed by fall of 2003.
The first great ape residents of IPLS will be eight bonobos -- sometimes called pygmy chimpanzees -- from the Language Research Center at Georgia State University near Atlanta.
As a leading advocate of preservation, IPLS will enlighten the world on the plight of the great apes while offering hope through a global network of conservation efforts.