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IPMPInvestigations into Polymer Membrane Processing (Space Shuttle)
IPMPIntellectual Property Management & Protection (MPEG-4)
IPMPInstitute for Participatory Management and Planning
IPMPInitial Project Management Plan (USACE)
IPMPImproved Performance Machinery Program
IPMPIsopropyl Methoxypyrazine
IPMPI Peed My Pants
IPMPIntegrated Project Management Plan
IPMPImproving Primary Mathematics Project (England)
IPMPInfrastructure Performance and Maintenance Program
IPMPInternet Performance Measurement Protocol
IPMPInternet Protocol Multi-Pathing (Sun Microsystems)
IPMPInternational Project Management Program
IPMPIntegrated Pest Management Program (various locations)
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In an effort to make the requirements more appropriate for the theater and more attainable for pest control contractors, the determination was made that the entire pesticide storage section of the USFOR-A IPMP should be rewritten.
The 2011 IPMP provided a detailed list of storage condition criteria specific for both permanent (larger bases/ installations) and semipermanent (small forward operating bases and combat outposts) storage facilities to facilitate timely and effective vector control services throughout the ATO.
The contractors are not required to comply with the USFOR-A IPMP, which outlines reporting requirements and allowable pesticides.
single IPMP receiver can easily handle up to 20,000 accounts at a 'keep-alive'
In addition, the IPMP offers extra capabilities that enable the service
The IPMP is a joint effort of the anesthesiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), and psychology departments.
Abbreviations: ANOVA = analysis of variance, CES-D = Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale, GED = general equivalency diploma, IPMP = Integrated Pain Management Program, MANOVA = multivariate ANOVA, PM&R = physical medicine and rehabilitation, QOL = quality of life, RMDQ = Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire, VAMC = Department of Veterans Affairs medical center, WHYMPI = West Haven-Yale Multidimensional Pain Inventory.
InterTrust(R) committed resources and technical guidance to the creation of the IPMP interface.
By building MetaTrust IPMP into consumer appliances, consumer electronics companies may now deliver effective rights management solutions in consumer appliances, allowing these devices to become true Commerce Appliances(TM)," said Jun Fujiwara, manager of Multimedia Business Department, Mitsubishi Corporation.
InterTrust has been active in the MPEG IPMP effort since its inception.