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IPNIInternational Plant Names Index
IPNIInternational Plant Nutrition Institute
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The specimens were identified through extensive survey of available literatures, monographic works, and confirmed by IPNI data base (www.
It is worth mentioning, NOC + IPNI the first phase of the project, including the evaluation and design.
Together, the e-Detailing sales call center and IPNI technology deliver a truly interactive experience that is convenient and flexible for physicians," said Michelle Runge, vice president of e-business at Aventis.
net/topic/4r-publications, accessed 14 May 2017) and other regions where IPNI educational programs are active (http://www.
International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) established the IPNI Science Award to promote contributions in ecological intensification.
Esta mejoria en los tamanos de los botones, probablemente se deba a la mayor cantidad de K, Mg y S que fue aplicado a las plantas bajo el programa Requisitos y Ajustado con respecto al de Finca, ya que se ha demostrado, en otros cultivos, que estos elementos ayudan a mejorar la calidad de los mismos; asimismo pudo haber influido el sinergismo que existe entre el K y N (Lazcano 1998, IPNI 2010).
Gandhi interpreted as being formed from the genus Pyrola, genitive form Pyrolae, has been made in IPNI by Gandhi in 2008 (pers.
Identification and nomenclature of plant species, including botanical name, local name, common name, and family name, were performed according to Keith [17], IPNI [14], and USDA-ARS[27].
IPNI supersedes the Potash & Phosphate Institute (PPI), which was familiar to many in ag media.
The NE for rice is a nutrient decision support tool developed by the IPNI China Program based on the modified QUEFTS model which simulated optimal nutrient uptake, and uses site-specific nutrient management principles that combine the 4R fertiliser strategy (right source, right rate, right time, and right place).
Partners: University of Hohenheim (Germany), Consortium for the Integrated Management of Soils in Central America - MIS Consortium (Nicaragua), Catholic Relief Services CRS (Nicaragua), Sustainable Natural Resource Management Project PMRN (Paraguay), Agricultural Development of Paraguay DAP (Paraguay), International Plant Nutrition Institute IPNI (Central America and Mexico), University of Valle (Colombia)