IPNetInternet Protocol Network
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The rapid growth of IPNet participation indicates that it fills the much-needed role as a central resource for making FPGA design easier, and this all-new version will greatly enhance engineers' IP-integration experience.
As the premier provider of B2B community enablement solutions on the AS/400 and iSeries platforms, Inovis is proud to partner with IPNet in providing enhanced communications among our customers and their trading partners," said Steve Gaylor, vice president of marketing for Inovis.
Brown called IPNet Solutions' regional office in Woodlands, TX, and requested an on-site demonstration.
Interpeak's protocol stacks provide complete IPv4 and IPv6 networking solutions, allowing device developers to rely on IPLITE and IPNET for a range of embedded devices.
The Hughes solution enables IPNet to increase efficiency of bandwidth utilization by up to 50 percent, which is critical to handling the significant growth anticipated by IPNet in 2010 and beyond.
MQX Embedded's MQX RTOS, RTCS Embedded Internet stack, MQX IPNET Embedded Networking stacks, IPShield security software, MetaWare High C/C++ compiler and SeeCode debugger and MQX Host Tools for the AMCC PowerPC 440GR are available immediately.
Building a second teleport in Moscow will allow us to offer more and higher-quality services to our current and future clients," said Murad Sofizade, CEO of IPNet.
IPNET provides complete IPv4 and IPv6 networking solutions, supporting multiple network interfaces, NAT, PPP, built-in routing tables, VLAN tagging, Quality of Service and built-in advanced IP Security (IPsec).
We achieved ROI within six months of implementing our IPNet software and have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in VAN fees since," said Barry Deaton, manager of EDI Systems for VF Services.
With MPLS available as part of the IPNET networking stack, many device designers will be able to take advantage of IPNET's extraordinary capabilities, whether working with IPv4 or IPv6," commented Hakan Millroth, VP Product Marketing at Interpeak.
Today, the combination of Inovis and IPNet provides us with the flexibility to connect with our trading partners using a multitude of connectivity options, most commonly FTP, AS1 and AS2 and the capability to scale across multiple platforms and document types," said Brian Myatt, EDI development manager, Tandy Brands Accessories, Inc.
As the Internet transitions to IPv6, applications that require communication over the Internet will benefit from the dual-mode IPNET stack which can be used in both IPv4 and IPv6 settings.