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IPOAInternational Plan of Action (fishing)
IPOAInternational Peace Operations Association
IPOAIrish Property Owners Association (landlords)
IPOAIntellectual Property Owners Association (Washington, DC)
IPOAInternet Protocol Over ATM
IPOAIndophenoloxidase A
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the IPOA Code of Conduct, (25) currently in its 12th iteration, is a
In terms of organizational structure, the IPOA website lists eight
IPOA cited an October 1, 2009 report from the Commission on Wartime Contracting entitled "Lowest-price security not good enough for war-zone embassies," in which the Commission noted the dangers of focusing on price as the determinative factor when selecting contractors for the Department of State.
Forcing the government to contract essential services on the cheap is not a recipe for success," said Doug Brooks, IPOA President, "if we've learned anything over the past nine years it is that cutting corners on oversight or quality in contracting can have dire consequences.
The Prison Service and the Justice Minister have disputed the IPOA statistics.
However, John Clinton said the IPOA is standing by their figures.
IPOA interacts with government, private sector firms, and the public to promote industry transparency and accountability for international stakeholders.
EODT is proud to be an IPOA member and serve on the influential Board of Directors," said EODT president and CEO, Matt Kaye.
Sean Aylward, director general of the Irish Prison Service, said: "I don't accept that we haven't responded, we have met the IPOA.
IPOA members are Peace and Stability Industry leaders and are committed both to a rigorous code of conduct as well as to the responsible utilization of the private sector in conflict and post-conflict environments.
The Board also approved an expansion of services and a plan for membership growth, and agreed on a strategy to ensure that IPOA will continue to provide industry leadership in standards and ethics and critical conflict/post- conflict services.
Other components add Soft-PVC control, IMLI management, RFC-compliant IPOA, and fault tolerance capabilities.