IPPAIowa Pork Producers Association
IPPAInternational Positive Psychology Association (est. 2007)
IPPAIrish Professional Photographers Association (Dublin, Ireland, UK)
IPPAIndependent Payroll Providers Association
IPPAInventory of Parent and Peer Attachment
IPPAInternational Paintball Players Association
IPPAIndo-Pacific Prehistory Association
IPPAIllinois Pork Producers Association
IPPAInvestment Promotion and Protection Agreements
IPPAIrish Preschool Play Association (Ireland)
IPPAInstitute of Public Policy Analysis (Nigeria)
IPPAIndonesian Planned Parenthood Association
IPPAInternet Professional Publishers Association
IPPAIslamic Political Party of America (Charlotte, NC)
IPPAIndiana Pork Producers Association
IPPAIllinois Press Photographers Association
IPPAInternational Private Practitioners Association
IPPAIntermountain Professional Photographers Association
IPPAIpomoea Pandurata (aka wild potato vine; aka man of the earth)
IPPAIntegrated Programme Portfolio Analysis
IPPAInternational Pectin Producers Association
IPPAInnovative Portable Pilot Assistance
IPPAInstituto de Patologia en la Altura (Spanish: High Altitude Pathology Clinic)
IPPAInternational Pentecostal Press Association
IPPAIntegrated Program Planning Activity
IPPAIndependent Programme Producers Association (UK)
IPPAInspection, Palpation, Percussion and Auscultation (chest exam)
IPPAInsurance Premium Payment Assistance
IPPAIdaho Pork Producers Association
IPPAInternational Paediatric Pathology Association
IPPAIowa Public Power Agency
IPPAInternational Photoacoustic and Photothermal Association
IPPAIrish Preschool Playgroup Association (UK)
IPPAIntellectual Property Protection Act of 2004
IPPAInternational Planetary Protection Alliance
IPPAInternational Professional Photographers Association
IPPAInformation Policy and Public Affairs
IPPAInstitute for Public Policy and Administration
IPPAInformation Protection Posture Assessment
IPPAIdentification of Potential Protected Areas (Malaysia)
IPPAIowa Press Photographers Association
IPPAIndependent Pair-Potential Approximation
IPPAInventory of Positive Psychological Attitudes
IPPAInformation Protection Policy Acknowledgment
IPPAInternational Panoramic Photographers Association
IPPAIllinois Public Power Association
IPPAIberia Parish Port Authority
IPPAIndex of Personal Political Activity
IPPAInstitute of Persian Performing Arts
IPPAIndustry Project Performance Agreements
IPPAInstitute for Professional Puppetry and Arts
IPPAInlet Public/Private Association, Inc. (Atlantic City, NJ)
IPPAIndependent Pack Providers Association (UK)
IPPAInternal Partnership Provider Agreement
IPPAIntellectual Property Protection Agreement
IPPAIndonesian Pharmaceutical Phsysician Association
IPPAInvestment Promotion and Protection Arrangements
IPPAIn-Process Part Acceptance
IPPAInternational Panel Physicians Association (El Paso, TX)
IPPAIowa Public Procurement Association
IPPAIsrael Press & Photo Agency (Photo Archive)
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The overwhelming impression from both the IPPA meeting and Angkor is of the huge potential of Cambodian archaeology.
The attachment score distribution of each IPPA subscale (Trust, Communication, and Alienation) was divided into thirds for mothers, fathers, and peers and each participant was given a rating of low, medium, and high for each subscale for mothers, fathers and peers.
Register for the 2013 IPPA Sales & Marketing Workshop.
The following predictors were entered as independent variables for the regression analyses: care score from the PBI, overprotection score from the PBI, total score from the IPPA, sociability score from the PACR, and criticism score from the PACR.
The IPPA also says we consume more chicken than beef and lamb put together with 44lbs of beef per person and just over 11lbs of lamb per person per year.
IPPA, which has 40 clinics in 40 cities spread over 25 provinces, provides menstrual regulation services.
The IPPA examines the degree of trust, communication, and closeness adolescents experience in their relationship with their mother, father, and friends.
The newly proposed IPPA of 2007, which as of the date of this Article does not yet have a Congressional sponsor, also includes:
13-23 Free fatty acid metabolism can be evaluated with I-123 IPPA (24) and I-123 BMIPP.