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IPPCInternational Plant Protection Convention (treaty)
IPPCIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPPCIntegrated Pollution Prevention Control
IPPCIntegrated Plant Protection Center (Oregon State University)
IPPCInternational Plasma Protein Congress
IPPCInfrastructure Payments and Progress Committee
IPPCInternational Pulsed Power Conference (IEEE)
IPPCIntegrated Policy Prevention Control
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The IPPC report says: "He has not been given this qualification by any recognised professional organisation and it is not a qualification that is known to exist.
The IPPC, one of significant international conventions on agriculture, was signed in 1951 and ratified in 1952.
With the IPPC Directive emerging as the major driver for industrial wastewater treatment, forward looking equipment suppliers should seize the growth opportunities," remarks Fredrick Royan.
When coupled with an X20 product, the IPPC enables accurate and efficient control of fan power, providing vehicle design engineers and system integrators another way to direct engine power.
The alarmist figures of sea level rises are not even supported by the central political core of the IPPC, who claim that if the sea rises at all it will be to a maximum of just seven inches in the next 1,000 years.
Certainly the IPPC has its hands full and developments are waited with interest.
NFU Cymru is taking the fight on IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) to MEPS in Brussels to keep unnecessary red tape and costs out of agriculture.
Lord Rooker said he would back calls for IPPC inspection charges to be waived for the first three years, saving poultry farmers alone an estimated 10m [pounds sterling].
Chairman of the IPPC, Nick Hardwick, said they were "concerned" about the mounting death toll.
Meanwhile, a proposal on manure spreading was a partial success in that farms already covered by NVZs will not have to undertake additional IPPC requirements when spreading off-site.
The IPPC is committed to developing best- practice approaches to address privacy issues in medical research and marketing.