IPPICInternational Paint and Printing Ink Council
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For the purposes of the IPPIC report and this article, the global paint and coatings industry has been segmented into, studied and presented according to the five regional markets in Table 1: Geographic Segments Investigated.
The IPPIC Marine Coatings Technical Corn-mittee (MCTC) was formed in 2008 to address the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) program establishing uniform performance standards for anticorrosion protective coatings (PSPC) which are applied to ballast tanks, crude oil tanker cargo holds, and void spaces.
According to IPPIC president Bill McPherson, the retired managing director for Marine and Protective Coatings at International Paint (AkzoNobel), "For the past few years we have welcomed new members to IPPIC.
IPPIC seeks to identify emerging international legislative and regulatory interests and work to establish a consistent, recognized approach that aligns with or improves upon those in place in other IPPIC member nations.
Meanwhile, at the International Civil Aviation Organization's Dangerous Goods Panel meeting in Montreal, a proposal by IPPIC, Cefic, and FEA to introduce transition periods for new air transport rules was not adopted.
IPPIC representative Marie Clarke joined Don Cheadle, actor, activist, and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations' Environment Programme (UNEP); Patty Beneke, director and regional representative of the UNEP regional office for North America; Walker Smith, director of the U.
IPPIC has offered its support for the GAELP, addressing the key activities listed above using the considerable industry experience in on effective legislative, regulatory and technical approaches on lead risk reduction.
ACA, as IPPIC Secretariat, provided an update on the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint (GAELP) workshop for governments held in September 2014 in New Delhi, India, and agreed to a number of continuing activities with the alliance.
According to John Hopewell, IPPIC secretariat, "The fourth edition of the Global Market Analysis is the most comprehensive report available for the coatings industry.
IPPIC has kindly agreed to let Orr & Boss share some of the important findings of the report in this article.
For more information on the publication or on IPPIC, contact John Hopewell (jhopewell@paint.