IPPNWInternational Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
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Datuk Ronald McCoy, que es el anterior copresidente de IPPNW, envio un correo electronico a sus colegas en la federacion mundial con la idea de construir un movimiento popular para abogar por la prohibicion de las armas nucleares.
Symposium presentations and related materials, including those on the Act on the Protection and Support for the Children and Other Victims of the TEPCO Disaster, are downloadable on the website of the IPPNW symposium.
Her assertion that PSR and IPPNW have not revisited their arguments about preparedness in a world concerned about the possibility of nuclear terrorism, however, is baseless.
In 1981 Lown traveled to the USSR with Carl Sagan, under IPPNW auspices, to make a remarkable series of public appearances desigued to educate Soviet audiences about the nuclear arms race.
It will be the third time IPPNW has held the Northeast Asia regional conference, following a 1997 meeting in Nagasaki and a 1999 gathering in Beijing, with doctors and other medical experts from the four nations attending.
Evgenii Chazov was a cofounder of the IPPNW movement and the "Kremlin doctor" - the personal physician to Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov, and Konstantin Chernenko.
IPPNW declara que las sumas colosales consagradas a los proyectos militares serian mas utiles para construir la paz, ya que esta en juego el regreso a la cultura de la guerra: Si quieres la paz, prepara la guerra.
IPPNW and PSR were established to show the immense and unique dangers of nuclear warfare to all of humanity, and to reduce or remove those dangers through international nuclear-arms reduction.
As IPPNW and PSR have noted, this international order will require comprehensive and effective arms control treaties for a wide range of weapons (including small arms and light weapons, landmines, chemical weapons, biological weapons, and nuclear weapons).
Yokoro told reporters at the Hiroshima city hall that he and IPPNW Co-President Mary-Wynne Ashford will visit North Korea in late May to fix a detailed schedule for the conference.
Santa Barbara, Joanna 1999, "Informal Report on IPPNW Delegation to NATO, Brussels, June 9, 1999," distributed on CNANW e-mail list, 17 June.