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IPPRInstitute for Public Policy Research
IPPRIntermittent Positive Pressure Respiration (thoracics)
IPPRIndustrial Production Performance Reporting
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But the IPPR report is a reminder that the needs of our two counties may well prove to be very different from those of our cities.
Ed Cox, director of IPPR North and co-author of the report, said: "The historical economic underperformance of the north of England is not natural, nor is it inevitable.
Although plans for Trans-Pennine rail line electrification - one of the headline promises - have been "paused" by the Government The IPPR report stressed that, while it welcomed the government's Northern Powerhouse agenda, a key test of its success must be how it translates into higher living standards for people living and working in the region.
The IPPR North says such a plan would follow the lead taken by Scotland, which is in the throes of creating an economic development plan of its own.
Luke Raikes of IPPR North said: "The best way forward is to devolve both more powers and more funding to local areas.
IPPR estimates that the 2010 spending review saw an average loss in services and benefits of PS1,850 per voter compared to PS2,135 per non-voter.
That would raise about PS1,000 a year for each home - a total of up to PS215million, which the IPPR suggests is channelled into local housing markets.
Spencer Thompson, IPPR Senior Economic Analyst, noted that the government's response to the rise in self-employment has been to praise the UK's entrepreneurial zeal, while increasingly promoting self-employment as an option to job-seekers.
The IPPR is the only institution in Namibia that is rated "highly transparent" and one of only two in all of Africa.
Will Straw of the IPPR said: "If the Government wants to ensure that the 'global race' to which it refers is a 'race to the top' then it should do everything that it can to support growth sectors with a clear comparative advantage and a rapid expansion in high skilled jobs.
Researchers from IPPR North worked with two schools in Birmingham to examine the attitudes of pupils towards a career in manufacturing, and particularly in the automotive sector.
In particular, the IPPR argued that public money is tied up in housing benefit rather than in building new homes for young families.