IPPSInpatient Prospective Payment System (medical payments)
IPPSInternational Parallel Processing Symposium
IPPSInternational Pelvic Pain Society
IPPSInternational Plant Propagators Society
IPPSIndustrial Pollution Projection System
IPPSIntegrated Personnel and Payroll System
IPPSInstitute for Public Policy Studies
IPPSIntegrated Power Plant System
IPPSInstantaneous Personnel Protection System
IPPSIntegrated Procurement and Payment System
IPPSIntegrated Printing/Publishing System
IPPSIntegrated Power and Propulsion System
IPPSInstrument Power Protection System (Precision Power International, Inc.; Mission Viejo, CA)
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The IPPS solution involves a number of proprietary technologies: a video scrambling/descrambling system, an analog copy protection signal generator, and an analog copy protection detection circuit.
P&WC was selected by Dassault Aviation in October 2001 to supply the IPPS for the Falcon 7X, which includes three PW307A engines, engine mounts, nacelles, and thrust reverser.
Flying the representative IPPS allows us to validate the nacelle design with regards to ventilation and cooling in advance of the F7X aircraft's first flight," added Ms.
IPPS has developed and practices some of the highest quality standards in the industry.
PPI ), which delivers high-level, global engineering solutions, including the design of critical power products and services for technology business applications, has enhanced its Online Catalog of Instrument Power Protection Systems( IPPS ) with the addition of more OEM instrument applications and a NEW look to the web site.
GAO's analysis, using 2003 claims data and fiscal year 2003 cost report data for 3,558 IPPS hospitals, suggests that 6 of the service groups, which constitute a majority of Medicare inpatient charges, appear promising.
The underlying philosophy of a DRG-based IPPS is to provide hospitals with the financial incentive to control costs by paying a fixed amount, based on the patient's clinical condition.
Thus, if computed properly, the RFBN adjustment would lower payments to all hospitals paid by the IPPS system to make up for the increased cost of establishing the rural floor.
To read the full white paper and an in-depth analysis on the 2014 IPPS Final Rule, prepared by Jessica Gustafson and Abby Pendleton, founding partners of The Health Law Partners, please click here.
14) Author has pointed out different mode of tariff determination for IPPS and RPPs.
The report estimates that for the 10-year period of FY2012 to FY2021, payments to hospitals under the IPPS will be sliced by $162 to $177 billion-the sum of ACA-mandated reductions (negative revisions and productivity adjustments to the IPPS market basket update) and an estimate of a reasonable range for proposed cuts from the Joint Committee per the debt deal (assuming that Medicare will bear its proportional share of the $1.
White Paper Outlines Adjustments to Medicare's Market Basket Update to the IPPS