IPPTIndividual Physical Proficiency Test
IPPTInstitute of Professional Practical Therapy (North Hollywood, CA)
IPPTIntangible Personal Property Tax
IPPTIjin Peruntukan Penggunaan Tanah (Indonesian: Appropriation Land Use Permit)
IPPTIntegrated Process and Product Team
IPPTIndirect Polymorphonuclear Phagocytosis Test (rheumatology)
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The advantage of using IPPT is that it is not associated with increased ventilation, which can increase energy consumption.
Solid adsorbents used in sorptive-based IPPT include activated charcoal and other materials such as silica gel, activated alumina, zeolites, porous clay minerals, and molecular sieves.
Despite the promising potential of IPPT, several issues may be associated with its use.
Second, certain sorptive-based IPPT may re-emit captured VOCs upon saturation and subsequently become a source of indoor pollution themselves.
Commercially available implantable thermo transponders are very reliable and easy way to measure the subcutaneous body temperature due to the small size of microchip transponder and easy-to-use implanter system (Thermo-transponder IPPT 300 by BMD System).
We are delighted that Paulo Alexandre has agreed to lead the Romaco Group: he is a strong personality with visionary ideas, which he reconciles with sustainable strategies", explained Wolf-Dieter Baumann, Chairman of the Board of IPPT GmbH.
In other words, the set of legacy system candidates generated in the previous step is presented to the members of the IPPT to obtain their subjective value judgments for a pairwise comparison matrix.
Using the information obtained in the two previous steps, the IPPT will formulate a GP model to allocate resources among the selected migration candidates.
Let us assume that the IPPT selected by the SoS Program Executive Office has decided to use the proposed model/method and has conducted an inquiry and reached a consensus on the following organizational objectives/criteria to be pursued for the next ten years:
Table I depicts the target level for each objective/goal as specified by the IPPT.
The other initiatives include the revised IPPT format, IPT programme enhancements at Fitness Conditioning Centres and the IPT-in-the-Park trial.