IPRANInternet Protocol Radio Access Network
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More specifically this includes the IP CORE product, IT platform ZXR10 T800, Metro-E IPRAN aggregation products ZXR10, M6000-S and ZXCTN 9000-E based on 400G platform.
The traditional 10GE IPRAN equipment at present used in access layer have very limited capability with only partial slots can support 10GE capacity.
The solution introduces SDN virtualisation technology to an IPRAN network to virtualise massive access-layer equipment, simplifying network structures and operations and maintenance (O&M) and offering an intelligent, maintainable IPRAN bearer network to meet operators current and future needs.
IPRAN is widely used in mobile network backhaul to bear 2G/3G/LTE and other mobile services, using the IP/MPLS (internet protocol/multi-protocol label switching).
ZTE s ElasticNet SDN IPRAN solution virtualises massive remote access-layer equipment into the boards of convergence-layer equipment, and convergence/access layer equipment forms a large virtual cluster system, simplifying the IPRAN equipment and improving automatic network deployment, O&M and network service capability.
The IPRAN solution is based on unified standard SDN northbound and southbound interfaces to help ensure an open network capability and to create application value to meet the requirements of new LTE service deployment and rapid innovation.
This is the first time SDN technology has been applied to IPRAN network, further promoting the commercialization of SDNs, guided by Huawei s SoftCOM strategy.
The application of SDN technology on the IPRAN simplifies network O&M and implements service quality visualization, which helps build a high-quality packet bearer network for wireless services.
During the commercial deployment of Sichuan Unicom s SDN IPRAN, deployment and service provisioning efficiency increased by 60% compared with traditional networks.