IPRIIslamabad Policy Research Institute (Islamabad, Pakistan)
IPRIInternational Property Rights Index (Property Rights Alliance)
IPRIIntelligent Polymer Research Institute
IPRIInternational Peace Research Institute (Oslo, Norway)
IPRIInternet Psychology Research Institute (Portland, OR)
IPRIIschemia/Preservation/Reperfusion Injury (organ transplantation)
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The IPRI uses three primary areas of property rights to create a composite score: Legal and Political Environment (LP), Physical Property Rights (PPR), and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
For free access to the three IPRI maps and risk categories: http://www.
The University of Oregon denied that its request that Stockard step down was related to the IPRI matter and said she was right to raise questions.
Kamal Monnoo, Director Samira Fabrics and Member IPRI Board of Governors said, "We need to ensure that trade in SAARC is fair and "equitable" for all and not skewed in just one country's favor.
The letter said the move was not related to her actions regarding IPRI but said "faculty have expressed concern" about her ability to "move forward from the problems that arose around IPRI.
Hernando de Soto, whose work in property rights lead to the inception of the IPRI, commented on the 2010 publication: "The fourth edition of the IPRI reveals encouraging signs of improvement in some countries, while also bringing attention to disturbing trends in others.
Acting President IPRI told the Chinese delegation that the Institute would soon open a China Centre to facilitate joint research and exchange of scholars.
The delegation, comprising scholars from Gansu and Xinjiang Association for International Friendly Contact ( GAIFC and XAIFC) namely Mr Liu Guangjun, vice president (leader) and Mr Li Mingbao, deputy secretary general respectively of GAIFC, Mr Gao Ming, vice president and Mr Shi Boyin assistant researcher respectively of XAIFC, in exchange of views with IPRI scholars affirmed that China would fulfil its responsibilities in the region and the world but without desiring a leadership role for itself.
Dr Maqsud ul Hasan Nuri presented the IPRI shield to the guest scholar.
He said IPRI holds such conferences to deliberate on national issues and provide some useful input to policy-makers.
Dr Maqsud ul Hassan Nuri, acting president of IPRI, said the growth of a vibrant middle class that was 300 million strong was helping project India's positive image in the world despite widespread poverty which was growing and intensifying due to India's neglect of its poor at the cost of increasing expenditure on defence.
Ahmad apprised the court that IPRI had employed five retired senior army officials in the institute.