IPRIIslamabad Policy Research Institute (Islamabad, Pakistan)
IPRIInternational Property Rights Index (Property Rights Alliance)
IPRIIntelligent Polymer Research Institute
IPRIInternational Peace Research Institute (Oslo, Norway)
IPRIInternet Psychology Research Institute (Portland, OR)
IPRIIschemia/Preservation/Reperfusion Injury (organ transplantation)
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The signing ceremony was witnessed by IPRI scholars and members of the Chinese delegation including Mr William Yun, Executive Editor, Journal of Belt and Road Studies; Mr Colin Jeung, Secretary BRRIICD, and members of the Shanxi Construction Engineering Company, and media representatives.
He invited the CCSEZR and BRRIICD Director Professor Tao Yitao to send scholars to IPRI which supports academic exchange programmes between regional and international think tanks.
only after the end of the cold war the international community realised the seriousness of the situation about the proliferation of the small arms ( IPRI Factfile, March 15, 2oo1)
The University of Oregon denied that its request that Stockard step down was related to the IPRI matter and said she was right to raise questions.
Ambassador Inamul Haque, IPRI board chairman and a former minister and secretary of Foreign Affairs, said that the current turmoil in the Middle East was neither spontaneous nor random the spillover effects of Arab Spring or such.
The letter said the move was not related to her actions regarding IPRI but said "faculty have expressed concern" about her ability to "move forward from the problems that arose around IPRI.
The Conference was organized by IPRI in collaboration with Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF), Islamabad Office, Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed was the chief guest of the inaugural session.
Inam ul Haque, former foreign Minister and chairman IPRI Board of Governors said that South Asia could not remain isolated from the bigger game of strategic competition between US and China.
Ambassador Inamul Haque, who is also Chairman Board of Governors, IPRI, said the turmoil in the Middle East was neither spontaneous nor random.
Earlier, in his welcome address, President IPRI, Ambassador (Retd) Abdul Basit said CPEC has provided an avenue of cooperation for many regional and extra-regional countries to further their economic interests.
President IPRI, Ambassador Sohail Amin said that nature of growing relationships of states with the other states and also between states and entities was of incremental nature.
Former Ambassador Sohail Amin, President IPRI, in his address highlighted the atrocities and human rights violations being perpetrated by the Indian Security Forces in IHK and urged the international community to join hands with innocent Kashmiris whose rights were being violated unabashedly.