IPRLIsolated Perfused Rat Liver
IPRLInterrupt Pending Register Low (computing)
IPRLIntelligent Personal Radiation Locator
IPRLInfant Primate Research Laboratory (Center on Human Development and Disability; Seattle, WA)
IPRLInvasive Plant Research Laboratory
IPRLIntellectual Property Reference Library
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Before the availability of April 4 IPRL test results, he began to refuse all medications.
Therefore, IPRL test results were often not available to Dad's physicians in a timely manner.
Suspicion of an undetermined source of immune suppression and recent tick exposures were primary factors motivating testing in the IPRL.
As yarrow is traditionally applied similar to artichoke and contains a considerable amount of DCCAs as well, a fraction enriched in those phenolcarboxylic acids and luteolin-7-O-[beta]-D-glucuronide was prepared and tested in the IPRL in order to examine its effect on bile flow.
Paul Pratt, an entomologist at IPRL, is the project's director.
IPRL has a long history of researching, developing, and evaluating the effectiveness of biological control agents, especially their use in integrated pest management (IPM).
axyridis were collected from melaleuca growing at IPRL and provisioned with B.