IPRMIndium Phosphide and Related Materials (IEEE conference)
IPRMInstitute of Public Relations Malaysia (est. 1962; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
IPRMInstitute for Pediatric Regenerative Medicine (Sacramento, CA)
IPRMIndigenous Peoples Rights Monitor (Philippines)
IPRMIntegrated Performance and Risk Management
IPRMIntellectual Property Rights Module (Digital Video Broadcasting Project)
IPRMIndividual Risk Premium Modifier
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In this paper, a fast IPRM method is presented to reduce the computation complexity and the memory cost of the G-IPRM.
This paper is organized as follows: The fast IPRM method is presented in Section 2.
Given the locations of discontinuities, the essence of the IPRM is solving an inverse problem from the already-known finite Fourier series of a discontinuous function and that of the polynomial basis functions.
In this section, first the fast IPRM will be presented for reconstructing a single-region discontinuous function;, and then it will be extended to a multiple-region discontinuous function.
And IPRM does not exclude them for defense, with an available endorsement to cover damages.
damages and awards--These a covered by AIG, Aon, Chubb, IPRM, Marsh and Swiss Re automatically.
expenses incurred prior to authorization--Aon, Chubb, IPRM, LRM, Marsh (IP-CAT only covers reimbursement) and Swiss Re include these expenses.
breach of contract by licensee--Chubb and IPRM include this, but it is excluded by AIG, Aon, IPIS/Evanston, Marsh and Swiss Re.
Rik Drummond, SGIP governing board member and chairman of the SGTCC, said, "The IPRM will help us achieve the goal established by NIST--the goal of enabling Smart Grid systems and devices to successfully interoperate.
Testing and certification authorities will initially participate in the SGIP program by implementing the IPRM practices into their program operations, eventually transitioning towards third-party accreditation of their conformance to these practices.
Participants reaffirmed their commitment to utilize the full potential of the IPRM format in order to identify concrete solutions to problems on the ground and expressed appreciation of the effectiveness of the Hotline in defusing possible tensions.
Referring to the resumption of meetings of the Gali IPRM, Turunen said that all participants have engaged in its work "in a professional and business-like mode.