IPRPInternational Preliminary Report on Patentability (patent application)
IPRPIndividual Performance-Related Pay
IPRPInformation Policy Research Program
IPRPInternational Public Relations Partners (London, UK)
IPRPInternet Protocol Routing Processor(s) (Alliance Seminconductor)
IPRPIntegrated Pyrolysis Regenerated Plant (Terni, Italy)
IPRPIntering Parametric Roll Prevention
IPRPImplementation Plan for Recovery of Plutonium
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05) for wither height in hypothyroid goats, so IPRO, IPRP and IPET indexes were higher.
En los indices IPRO, IPRP e IPET se obtuvieron diferencias significativas (p<0,05); para el calculo de todos ellos interviene la variable ACR en el denominador, razon por la cual estos indices resultaron significativamente mayores (menor talla) en los animales hipotiroideos.
AI realizar las matrices de correlacion entre las variables que mostraron diferencias significativas (ACR, IPRO, IPRP e IPET) respecto a los niveles de hormonas [T.
The first IC in the IPRP family, the IPRP-V4(TM), enables bandwidth capabilities in excess of 66 million packets per second, and the ability to support routing table entries from 16K to 384K.
Alliance's IPRP routing engine IC eliminates the need for pre-sorting and allows individual entries, rather than entire tables, to be updated, reducing the time spent on non-forwarding activities.
The launch of the IPRP family leverages our industry-recognized expertise in memory technology, design talent in networking products, and our strategic joint venture manufacturing relationships, to deliver a world-class product that exceeds customer demands for quality and value.